Chole Large Canvas Tote.

  1. I seen that bag last season if not earlier...
  2. did u get it funheaven? thats pretty cheap
  3. Yes, I got it.. :p I am in big trouble this month.. i already grabbed 2 Prada and 1 Gucci bags in the last 2 weeks.. but i couldn't resist the great deal..
  4. congrats! please post pix when u get it;)
  5. Great bag!
  6. I've never seen it but it's really cute. Great for spring/summer. :yes:
  7. I know..isn't the Chloe tote cute?? I can carry it now and for a few more seasons. I couldn't believe it was marked down from $600+..

    Yes, I will post some pics. when I get it.. :rolleyes:
  8. I really really like that bag, any idea of any shops that still carry this style? I'd love it for a book bag!
  9. hey Funheaven

    Did you like this bag??? Do you know its measurementd???

    Is it good IRL??
  10. AW! It's so cute, have fun wearing it around! :smile:
  11. It's fall/winter season 2006
  12. Hi girls,

    I got my Chloe canvas bag 2 days ago but I have been debating if I should return it. It is a lovely bag and I really like it. However, the bag must have been either on the on-sale table for a long time or used and returned back to NM. As you can see from the last few pictures, there are some scratches on the leather and dents on almost each buckle and the ID tag. The inside lining is all clean and new though. It looks like a 80% new bag to me unless the bag is supposed to look vintage.. J

    The measurement of the bag is 14L, 14H and 7W.

    The bag is so cute and the colors are perfect. I wish I could find the same bag with better condition somewhere. What do you guys think? Would you keep the bag even the condition is not like brand new??
    chloe 1.jpg Chloe 2.jpg Chloe 5.jpg Chloe 3.jpg Chloe 4.jpg
  13. It's very nice, i love the colour!

    The leather looks to me like it would scratch easily anyway..? If it's just a throw around bag then i guess it doesn't matter, it depends what you will be using the bag for.

    As the inside is clean, that suggests to me that it's a sale item that's been sitting around for a while. Or maybe it's a customer return.

    Quite often, sale items are non-returnable, but if you're really not happy that it's not in 'new' condition then send it back.;)

    However, if it's perfect for what you need, then hang on to it, i say.:yes:
  14. Oh my gosh, this bag actually looks better than the NM pics show it to be! Don't return it!!! Specially if you got it for $256, it's a steal! I love, love, love it!