Choking on saliva

  1. Last night I woke up and i was literally Choking :s i jumped out of bed and my throat was totally blocked and no air was getting through, it was so scary!!! i didnt know what to do, i felt like i was going to die .... :crybaby:

    any doctors advice? on what to do ? Any input would be appreciated.

  2. Are you congested? Do you have any problems (allergies, cold, etc) that would prevent you from breathing smoothly? I am sorry, I am not a doctor. Try sleeping on your side, that may help? Can you call your family doctor and ask about it?
  3. Was it definitley saliva - you can get a thing called sleep apneoa where your airway almost collapses in on itself, but usually this is only a problem for very overweight people because the weight of their chest presses down on the airway. Do you think you may have "swallowed" your tongue - sounds crazy but it does happen and your body would realise something was wrong and wake you up with a bang.
  4. Whoa, that is scary!...definitely get it checked out by a doctor.:hrmm:
  5. yikes definetly scary! This often happens to me when I have a's very scary!
    Sleep apnea is also a problem....and it's not always overweight people, it's a very serious condition that is easily treatable.
    I would definetly go see your doctor!
  6. i'm not over weight, i dont have allergies or cold.. it did happend before thought. i'm sooooooo scard it will happen again and i wont be able to breath then what? ;0(
    but i will definitly call my doctor..

    thank you for your feedback..
  7. Sleep apnea does not just happen to overweight people. I have been treated for it for over a year now. You should see your doctor. They can do a sleep study on you and find out if you suffer from this.
  8. Please see your doctor as soon as possible (ie, today) to get a thorough examination. Maybe there is something blocking/partially blocking the passageway around your throat/sinus/nostril area (this is just a possible theory).

    Good luck!! I hope everything turns out well!!
  9. This has happened to me in the past- it's acid reflux disease in my case. I absolutely can't breathe and my eyes tear up. I would ask the doctor about it.
  10. This has happened to me before and it freaked me out! I think that I was just a bit congested and I got blocked or it could of been sleep apnea, not really sure!
  11. I have acid reflux, and I wake up choking some nights from that. Maybe have that and the sleep apnea checked out.
  12. Happens to me sometimes. I would wake up in the middle of the night with so much saliva in my mouth that I have to constantly swallow it, and I feel nauseated.

    I wonder what's wrong
  13. It sounds like acid reflux to me too. My father had it and that is exactly how he described it. Go to a doctor and get checked out and mention acid reflux.
  14. If i were u, i would definitly check it with a doctor.. just incase
  15. Bumping this thread, this just happend to me today. I was drinking water and it went down the wrong way. I have choked many times in the past and knew I would be able to breath again. This time I wasn't able to get air at all. I honestly could not inhale. I have also woken up in the middle of the night unable to catch my breath. Wondered if anyone else has had this problem. I do have acid reflux, but today's episode was terribly scary.....If you are around OP, what was your outcome?
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