chokichoki's collection (and new PCE Purchases!!)

  1. They finally came!! Unfortunately my dad saw the big box and was like, "What the heck did you buy now?"
    O well
    Here are my girls:
    Just had to take pics of the boxes...I felt like it was Christmas


    Comic Book Keyfob and Watercolor scarf:
    Keyfob on my Hampton's Satchel (Sooo taking this to Comic-con.. yes, I'm a geek too) The letters are reversed b/c of the mirror

    Legacy Stripe Scarf. Didn't realize it was HUGE.. for those that have it; how do you use yours? Its too big to tie on my bags. I'm considering returning it, just b/c I might not be able to use it as much, but its SOOOO pretty
    And finally, my new Signature Stripe Denim! I love the lining...soo pretty


    Denim on my white shirt...haven't noticed any transfer yet, and crossing my fingers I don't have any

    Here's the rest of my rapidly expanding Coach Collection:
    My shoes (sorry for the gel insoles on the ballet shoes, I forgot to take them off)

  2. OMG!!!! I love everything.... Congrats!!!!
  3. where did you get the watercolor flats????

    how did those get past my radar of flats?!?!?!?

    ps loooove the collection!!
  4. wow where did u get the ballet flats????:drool:
  5. Here's the rest of my collection:
    Scarf Print hobo

    Other Handbag obsessions:
    Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B (lesportsac) /Harajuku Lovers


    Wind it Up Hoodie ...only available @ her Concerts...cost me an arm and a leg to get it off eBay, Harajuku lovers bag


    Tokidoki Clothes
  6. You made wonderful choices - love everything and that tote looks great on you.
  7. Thanks all;

    Aa...sorry, went overboad on the pics...just got camera happy and decided to take pics of my whole collection

    katrynar and depthxofxdreams: I got the ballet flats off eBay..
  8. What pretty purchases! Are you sure the scarf is too big to tie? You could pull it into a strip diagonally and tie it, or to make it smaller bunch it up straight up and down along the side and tie it. It's just too pretty!
  9. Omg, may I please ask where did you get those blue coach wedges? Thats the first time I've seen them adn I am totally inlove! I love everything you have!
  10. katriese831---thanks for the ideas.I tried it on the denim tote but It just came out weird...I'll try again

    Swtest2Lips- they were out on the summer catalogue and I guess the sold out even before they were released. I managed to special order them through our store and luckily they found one in my size! I've also seen them at macy's.
  11. Woohoo........we're Thalia twins!!! Love your other shoes as well, and your PCE purchases!!
  12. Love your new scarf and denim tote. You have quite a collection!
  13. LOVE everything!:heart:

    The watercolor is SO pretty!:yes:

    Doesn't Gwen have the cutest clothing line?:yes:
  14. NICE!!!
    i'm getting the denim tote tomorrow!
  15. handbglvr- she (Gwen) does! I really like her new handbags, but the prices are astronomical! >_<

    SpoiledRotten22-I loove the Thalia's too :heart: