Choker necklace trend!

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  1. #1 Jul 21, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2016
    Chokers seem to be huge in East Coast! I'm seeing lots of leather ones, chains and all the metals. Even open collars. Anyone have a favorite that they would like to share photos of? I need to buy one soon!
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  2. I am guessing you mean chokers? I am so excited that they are back!! There's a definite 90s feel to everything and I'm loving it. I've always liked small, dainty necklaces so layering them with the choker is a personal favorite!

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  3. Yes! I should have written chokers. Will try to edit!
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  4. I wish I was a fan of these, but I'm not! I hate having things close to my neck, even tee shirts. This woman that I work with has a marquise diamond on a choker chain... so pretty.
  5. chopard-diamond-choker-necklace-79-3696-2.jpg
  6. Love chokers/collars!
    Diamond collar.JPG Tiffany collar.jpg
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  7. Beautiful sky queen!
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  8. So pretty! Great on others, though, not for me, just for disliking the sensation of close-fitting at neckline.
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