1. my choices are a Beverly GM, Demin Baggy GM, Daimer Hampstead GM Help!!!!!
  2. Beverly GM! I think it's a gorgeous bag!!
  3. Another Beverly GM vote here... it's a GORGEOUS bag!!!
  4. Beverly!!! I really like it :biggrin:
  5. Beverly Gm:tup: lotsa room, back pocket and more pockets inside ...
  6. Not Demin!
  7. The Beverly GM..........I think it is the prettiest of the Beverly's. :smile:
  8. I really like the hampstead! Can't wait to get one myself!
  9. Beverly!
  10. The Beverly GM!!!!! Stunning Bag! :heart:
  11. one more vote for beverly!
  12. Beverly here too!
  13. Definately the beverly:graucho: