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  1. what would you chose: a 25cm kelly or a 28 cm plume in a great leather/color?
  2. for me to reply, honey, more information please.
    lifestyle, wardrobe shades and hues, student, sahm, profession, and what must you carry with you?

  3. love the color and leather. i work -executive. wardrobe very plain with a few brights on top: cool colors like pink, purple, green and blue. this would be a fun running around or night time purse.
  4. Definitely Kelly! I like the Plume but for dressing up, even though it's semi casual, I would always pick a Kelly.
  5. Given the above, I would vote Kelly but the 25 size is usually too small for me and I would only use it for dressy occasions.
  6. I'd say get the 28cm plume, more versatile.
  7. I'm going to go with the Plume.....this bag is something a little different and fun! Plus, you can stash more inside than the 25cm Kelly. And THIS from a die-hard Kelly Girl!!!!!!
  8. 25 kelly for night/dressy occasions. plume for day. exotics look hot in the smaller kelly!
  9. I like the Kelly 25 in box or exotics, in sellier. Mostly for evening. The Plume 28 in so versatile and can go from day into evening.
  10. I would say the Plume. A 28 Plume is not very big, but really fits alot, and is such a versatile bag!! It's not an icon like a Kelly, but it should be!

  11. agreed!
  12. For night, a kelly
    for day running around, the plume.
  13. Kelly :yes:Always!!!
  14. I'd get a kelly...just a bit larger. I've seen tons of people, who wear a kelly everyday...and it always looks great.
  15. The 25 cm Kelly defintiely speaks either young and cute or night and dressy depending on the leather/color.

    Get the Plume in chevre, box, or an exotic and it can go day or evening...