Choices, pick top 3

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  1. Gold with gold HW is classic. I chose gold with PHW and it is a very modern look. I do love it.
  2. here are my top 3

    1.) Raisin Togo GHW 40 cm
    2.) Gold Togo with GHW 35 cm
    3.) Rouge H Fjord PHW 35 cm

    can't wait for your reveal =)
  3. 1. Raisin Togo GHW 40 cm (I just love Raisin and think it's gorgeous)
    2. Parchemin Togo 35 cm PHW (Beautiful light color)
    3. Toile with swift 35 cm (Toile adds some variety to your collection)
  4. 1. Gold with gold classic forever
    2) Toile... fresh summer look
    3) Raisin

    I do love Rouge H but imo it looks more beautiful with ghw, and parchemin v cute, but nicer in a 30 size

    Zoopla you are on a roll girl... some weeks ago l remember you were hunting for the first bag, wow! Think well now, before you end up with lots and lots of nice leather bags, are you sure you don't want 1 lovely shiny miel or matte fauve croc instead of these three???? just a thought :idea:
  5. Me X2
  6. Hi tibaka; I wish I liked croc/alligator. I feel scared by them! I also feel bad for buying an exotic animal skin. I love regular skins and somehow they are more discreet which I love!
  7. Thank you all for your input. I have decided what I need to do and made my list. I also expanded my search a little so I don't "settle". I am alright with the 2 40s I have. I think they are perfect workhorses, they fit everything I need to carry.

    I am going to expand my 35s and these are the colors:

    1.) Raisin with GHW (need to check it in Epsom or Togo)
    2.) Black Box with GHW
    3.) Rouge Garrance with GHW (Togo)
    4.) Rouge H with GHW (Box)
    5.) Parchemin with GHW (Togo) or Gris T or Etopue for the summer.

    I know these are 5 but I will start with 3 and add to my collection as I find the bags.
  8. Parchemein with gold is beautiful but I've seen Gris T with gold and THAT is STUNNING! VERY Dior.....I would also do Raisin with Gold. The gold glows against this color.....
  9. Raisin is a deeper, richer color in the Togo vs. Epsom, if that's a consideration.
  10. ditto!!!!

  11. my exact choice :tup:
  12. and mine also...but i'd try for a rouge H's a beauty. esp if the black box 40 doesn't work out :smile: all three are classics! :smile:
  13. Definitely: Rouge H Fjord PHW 35 cm

    You already have two 40cm's so that's why I wouldn't take one more. The two others would be:
    Parchemin Togo 35 cm PHW (or the toile / swift, but I don't know which color it was?)
    Gold Togo with GHW 35 cm (classy style)
  14. I am very torn here. Given what you already have, my top 3 picks in rank order are as follows:

    1) Toile with swift 35cm (this will be a beautiful summer bag - light in color and light in weigh. A classic.
    2) Gold 35cm togo w ghw & parchemin 35cm togo w phw are a toss up for me. They are both neutral colors. I like gold w GHW and parchemin w phw. So the choice depends on your coloring.
    3) Now you need a color. Raisin Togo GHW 40cm. With the above purchases, your collection will now consist of three 40cm and three 35cm.

    Beautiful selection, can't go wrong. Enjoy and show us your purchases when the deal is done.
  15. 1) Gold Togo with PHW 35 cm always a classic
    2) Rouge H Fjord PHW 35 cm - maybe in another leather - love a bright red color
    3) Parchemin Togo 35 cm PHW great summer bag!