Choices, pick top 3

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  1. Yup if raisin were 35 that would be tippy top of the list!!!
  2. First...RAISIN RAISIN RAISIN! I prefer raisin in PHW rather than GHW, but that's just me.
    Second...Gold w/GHW
    Third...Rouge H w/PHW
  3. Parchemin Togo 35 cm PHW
    Gold Togo with GHW 35 cm
    Rouge H Fjord PHW 35 cm

    Because they go with everything!
  4. Raisin GHW
    Gold G/H
    Rouge H P/H
    I love variety!
  5. My top 3 among your list would be :
    1) Raisin Togo GHW 40 cm (even if I prefer PH with Raisin)
    2) Rouge H Fjord PHW 35 cm
    3)Parchemin Togo 35 cm PHW

    Good luck with your choices :yes:
  6. I would go for -
    Rouge H with GOLD hardware
    Raisin with PALL or GOLD hardware
    Gold with GOLD or PALL hardware

    I know some of them are not listed with the correct hardware, but that imo would round out your collection!Lol!!
  7. Here are my top 3 choices:

    1.Gold Togo with PHW 35 cm
    2.Raisin Togo GHW 40 cm
    3.Rouge H Fjord PHW 35 cm
  8. My top 3 for you considering your current colors would be:

    Rouge H Fjord PH 35 (Rouge H is a must-have but I prefer it in box)
    Gold Togo PH 35
    Parchmein Togo PH 35
  9. My top 3 would be:

    1) Gold Togo with PHW 35 cm
    2) Rouge H Fjord PHW 35 cm (I would prefer it in box)
    3) Parchemin Togo 35 cm PHW
  10. 1) raisin togo 35 GHW
    2) Parchemin togo 35 GHW
    3) Gold togo 35 GHW

    of cos these are my chosen size and HW
  11. Rouge H Fjord PHW 35 cm
    Toile with swift 35 cm
    Gold Togo with GHW 35 cm

    I don't think you can go wrong with any.
  12. My suggestion for the perfect collection would be
    1) Gold Togo with PHW 35 cm
    2) Rouge H Fjord PHW 35 cm
    3) Raisin Togo GHW 40 cm
  13. wowee! what amazing choices:love:
    i love all of them but since you are asking for only 3, i would choose:

    1. rouge h fjord PHW 35cm (since you have been searching for a red Hermes)
    2. raisin togo GHW 40cm (at least one purple is mandatory for every handbag collection)
    3. gold togo GHW 35cm (okay, i must admit that i am biased on THIS ONE :graucho:)

    good luck on your decision and please keep us updated!:heart:

    p.s. i owe you a PM ;)

  14. Raisin
    Gold with GHW
    Rouge H
  15. 1. rouge H with Phw - i have rouge h n its crazy how it works with almost everything!
    2. gold with GOLD hw - its much much much more beautiful with gold hw, i am not a gold-brown tones person but everytime i see gold with gold heart goes oooohhh ahhhhh...
    3. I AGREE with HM, better wait for other color, i had parchemin with phw on my hand and i pass...because its more beautiful in gold! and AGREEEEE raisin also better with GWH so wait! =)))) Goodluck! n let us knowww what u buy heuheuehu cant wait for revealsss n modelling pics