Choices, pick top 3

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  1. Rouge H Fjord PHW 35 cm
    Raisin Togo GHW 40 cm
    Parchemin Togo 35 cm PHW
    Toile with swift 35 cm
    Gold Togo with GHW 35 cm
    Gold Togo with PHW 35 cm

    Which gold is nicer? Gold on Gold or Gold with PHW?

    I am getting some good deals here, so please help me choose top 3. I've:

    Cafe clemence 40 cm GHW, Black 40 cm GHW, and BDP 35 with PHW.

    Thank you very much for helping me in advance.
  2. My top 3 would be

    Rouge H Fjord PH 35 cm
    Raisin togo GHW 40cm
    Gold togo GHW 35cm,

    I think gold looks better with GHW!
  3. My top 3 : 1) Gold togo ghw 35cm

    2) Rouge H fjord phw 35cm

    3) Raisin togo phw 40cm
  4. 1st gold on gold
    2nd rouge h
    3rd parchmein

    hood luck with your purchase!
  5. My top 3 and in order are:

    Rouge H Fjord PHW 35 cm
    Gold Togo with PHW 35 cm
    Raisin Togo GHW 40 cm
  6. Parchemin Togo 35 cm PHW...for a lighter neutral
    Rouge H Fjord PHW 35 cm...because its classic H
    Raisin Togo GHW 40 cm...because Raisin is one of the best H colors in the past decade
  7. Raisin Togo GHW 40 cm
    Parchemin Togo 35 cm PHW
    Gold Togo with GHW 35 cm
  8. Gold Togo with phw 35cm
    Rough H Fjord with phw 35cm
    Raisin Togo with ghw 40 cm
  9. Gold w/gold hw (have this and love it)
    Rouge H (have this and love it)
    Parchmein (want this)
  10. :faint:

    Rouge H Fjord PHW 35 cm
    Parchemin Togo 35 cm PHW
    Gold Togo with GHW 35 cm

    can't wait for the reveal!!! :nuts:
  11. I tried on a Gold Togo Goldhardware today in the 30cm and it was GORGEOUS!!!! Def. get this one. I also love the color of Parchemin. Those are my top two.
  12. I am at red, raisin, and stuck between parchemin and gold.

  13. gold w/gold
    rouge h

    a good mix of colors and sizes always works for me.
  14. I would choose one of the gold 35s in either hardware. You already have 2 40s so don't think the raisin adds much. Rouge h in fjord is not a hot fabby red but would be my 2nd. From there it's parchemin but I would wait for gris t. Basically I support only gold from your list. Wait for better colors.
  15. ^^ thanks HM! you are always the voice of reason and rationale. If the raisin were 35, would you recommend it? I would like to add the raisin to my collection with GHW.