Choices !!!! Help ???

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  1. i have a choice to make and in all honesty for some reason they both feel right i no longer contemplate the BOTH option because when i have i can see that im choosing to buy only because i can not put my mind in order. i have bags and in that i have the fuctional the bizarre and the unique ...... which ever one of these bags would be for the fun of it but when talking Hermes prices fun is something i tend to not consider because they are serious after all ... SO heres the question and please base your answers only on i would buy it because i like it more !
    i think its the only logic i can go with since i just love them both but truly only want one !

  2. Constance! Love RT!
  3. I'm no Hermes collector (I don't even own a bag...yet..) but hands down I would go for the Constance. Purely for the fact that I don't love the color Blue Lin...
    And Constance is such a fun little bag, I just love it in bright pop colors!
  4. Oh this is such a difficult choice. I love the color blue Lin but not when it is on Togo. It is too blue on Togo IMO and I love it's grey tone on Clemence or Epsom.
    RT constance is TDF. But it depends on what size. If it is constance mini then I'd probably go with blue Lin birkin
  5. constance RT
  6. Constance. First the color RT is fabulous and I am not a fan of blue lin. Constances also now are harder to come by.
  7. Def the Constance RT! Blue Lin is not my favorite color.
  8. its the larger constance classic size
  9. B blue Lin Togo, gorgeous, safe functional and wonderful bag.

    RT Constance....gorgeous screaming statement piece! Sooooo fun! Go for it!:biggrin:
  10. Constance
  11. I had 2 Constances and sold them both...eventually I'd like one in RT so that's my vote. Also never been a fan of Blue Lin..the color is too light of a blue for me...
    Hope this helps dear Birkel! :kiss:
  12. Constance!!!
  13. Constance!
  14. Vote for Bleu Lin! Ive got one in Clemence and it looks more pretty everytime! :P
  15. Constance...I don't like blue lin...think the color is a bit dull...