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  1. I'm thinking of making the first large purchase in my life, and I'm currently debating between the following:

    1) Christian Dior large pink python gambler bag

    2) MJ stam in mouse

    I only have money for one of them. Which one do you think I should splurge my limited cash on? :yes: I also love the CD gambler but one difficulty is that my mother is afraid of snakes to the death, and I'm not sure if I should scare her like that, to have her go to my closet, out of curiosity open the dust bag, and :sweatdrop: . Any opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    *Also, are the MJ leathers getting harder these days in general or are they limited to specific styles? Is the stam leather also getting stiffer?
  2. Also, which one do you guys think is more timeless? Will either one look outdated in a few years? Opinions please!
  3. can you post pics of the dior? I don't thik i'm familar with the name.
  4. I'm sorry, I'm new do I post pics on this forum? Could I attach it to a message? I don't see any attaching buttons...

  5. Well, based on the picture of the Dior bag, I would say the Stam is definitely the more classic choice. It's elegant and sophisticated. The Dior seems more trendy. It's very cute but if I could only get one, I'd get the Stam. Good luck with your decision!
  6. Thank you! So one vote for the stam! :yes:
  7. ^^Two votes for the Stam! I definitely think it has a more classic style and color than the Dior bowler. I'm just not sure if pink python has the staying power of classic leather in a neutral color.

    Let us know what you decide, either way you'll have a great bag that you love!
  8. i def. agree! i have the stam and i love it...the dior looks cute but in a year or so i don't think you will want to carry it....JMO...
  9. Def think the Stam is more classic.... the gambler is a little too loud for me, although I like the poison/hardcore bags a lot.

    The leather on the stams are a little stiffer these days compared to the first generation of stams, but I think the mouse leather is still pretty soft. You really need to give this bag a test run before committing. Good luck with your decision!
  10. Thank you! Your opinions are all very helpful! I think I will go with the stam :yes: I just need to get that money together now :sweatdrop: . For such an expensive bag as the Dior to go out of style may be a bit too much for me :shame: . It's great to be able to have all these opinions in a flash! If I were to get both of them I can see a very angry dad :sweatdrop:
  11. I'm also thinking to get a bag or two in quilted the venetia or blake (once I have the money...:sweatdrop: ) do those have softer leather than the unquilted ones or are they about the same?
  12. Stam :smile:

    I think they might disagree with all of us over at the dior side of the fence though :smile:

    I find the quilted leather to be a bit more harsh than the me the unquilted MJ leather is the epitome of soft leather :smile:
  13. Thank you! I'll try asking at the Dior side as well :yes:
  14. i just can't see that dior bag being something you could carry in 5 years. even if it were still in style (and that's a BIG if, IMO), you have to remember that as we age, the bags we can carry change....maybe i could have carried a fluffly pink juicy couture bag in my early 20s, for example, but i'd feel silly now (no offense to juicy owners....just my 2 cents).

    stam all the way :smile: