Choices for next birkin

  1. lol...I'm already planning ahead for next year :graucho:, so far the choices are either potiron, rouge h, or etoupe. If you already have H bags in gold, marron fonce and blue jean and you want some variety and pop in a 30cm, which would be a better candidate? And which skin works best with the above mentioned colors? Thanks :flowers:
  2. I vote for POTIRON! You said you wanted pop, yes? Second choice for me would be Rouge H because it's so classic--yet it's still a red bag, for all intents and purposes.

    It's really hard to say what skin tones work best with certain colors and vice versa, but I think there are no hard and fast rules on just have to see the color of the bag next to your own coloring to know if you like the way it looks on you. For instance, I personally think etoupe is a stunning color, but it just doesn't look good on me, sadly. And to answer your question, I think that of the three color choices you posted, etoupe has the least "pop". Just my personal opinion, I am sure others will vary!
  3. I'll vote for Potiron too as I consider Rough H and Etoupe as neutral.
  4. ^^^I agree. I have rouge h which I consider a neutral. Etoupe is a gorgeous neutral as well. Potiron is the pop color.
  5. Hello, foxie,

    Potiron, I feel, will give you neutral as well as pop. I found I could wear my potiron with as many things as I could my etoupe and rouge H.

    It depends on how you like to put your colors together in your wardrobe. Some like to match, some just use the bag color as a neutral. I always kind of like my bags to match somewhere.....either in my scarf or with what I'm wearing or with my shoes or belt.

    I have a potiorn belt and bag and with both pieces I can pull together a lot of colors and wear them with potiron that I had not thought of wearing.

    I feel you could do that with all 3 of your selections....get a belt in the same shade as your bag and you're set to go!
  6. Love etoupe!!!
  7. Thanks, but I wonder will potiron be too close to gold? I've seen pictures where their shades look close but I'm not so sure if it's so in real life
  8. Potiron!

    Potiron, IMO, is pretty different from gold. What leather do you have in mind for this bag?
  9. There are apparently alot (stress: alot) of new colours to be released next year. So perhaps you might want to open up your options.
  10. Rouge H or another, brighter red. The rouge H can be dark or pop depending on the leather chosen.

    I'm blonde, fair skinned, sunburn type. orange looks awful on me. A dark haired woman with pale or tanned skin looks great in orange.

    Etoupe looks bad on me

    All in all, i vote for rouge h in a leather that makes it lighter or another red. It goes with all skin colors and alot of most wardrobes. Orange does not coordinate too easily with wardrobes. [Ok, bring on the outrage.]
  11. Does anyone know what these new colors are? Is there a thread on the new colors? Thanks.
  12. Another vote for Potiron!!!
  13. I vote Potiron, too! I ADORE potiron, but I don't look great with them - they tend to wash me out in large bags. Try going to H, if you're near a store, and try on different styles. You may fall in love with one of the colours in a leather you'd never expect :smile:
  14. So which leather produces the nice bright potiron effect? I think clemence is a bit dark and chevre is not available in 30 for what's good? Togo?
  15. Swift?