CHOICES CHOICES!!! wut to get...

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  1. So...I'm only allowed ONE MORE purse purchase for THIS YEAR...haha (luckily it's already Nov.) DBF said I can choose between...

    1. LV: SUHALI L'Ingenieux PM


    2. CHANEL: I'm thinking...the Jumbo Caviar

    LV I'm really familiar with b/c that's what I have most.... I'm still a virgin with Chanel still a bit apprehensive as a first timer...don't really know what to look for.

    Which should I get to top off the year of 2006!!! :graucho:
  2. I love chanel. Don't own any yet, unfortunately. I say especially since you already have LV stuff, take the dive!
  3. I would go with the Chanel, since you already have a lot of LV. :yes:
  4. def the Chanel, foreve classic and timeless.....
  5. I think Chanel, it will be something different to add to your collection

  6. I love LV, but I will say get the Chanel :yes: Just one word; classic.
  7. Chanel, esp if you already have a lot of LV:yes:
  8. Go for Chanel, it's a classic and you'll wear it forever. I wouldn't add another LV, i like to vary my collection of bags
  9. Chanel for sure, go with something classic like a flap, reissue, medallion or cerf tote.
  10. Agreed, Chanel, but make sure you love it a ton when you buy it or you'll end up sticking to your LVs :smile:
  11. Definitely the Chanel.
  12. Chanel for classic...
  13. Chanel b/c you have LV bags already! I just bought my first Chanel and I love it!
  14. chanel!
  15. Wow! both are great...can't go wrong with either