Choices choices, help me make up my mind!

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So what should I get?

  1. Pomme mini agenda + bubbles ring

  2. Koala bracelet

  3. Flip flops

  4. Mono belt

  5. A suggestion made in the replies

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  1. My DH is buying me a pressie and since V-day is coming up I don't want to be too grabby and go over 400 (or stay around there).

    The Mini Agenda in Pomme

    PROS: If I can get blank inserts for the Mini I could use it as a teeny sketchbook, can also double as a pochette wallet.

    CONS: I already have a bubble ring... something in the 150 range to suggest? I also already have a vernis agenda in Small which does my scheduling and works as a true agenda.


    White Koala or S-lock bracelet. (Is there a price difference?)

    PROs: Casual so I could wear it everyday

    CONs: Pretty pricey for a leather bracelet


    PROs: In the Southern Heat I'd wear them all the time

    CONs: Hard for me to justify so much on shoes


    PROs: I need a new belt

    CONs: It's well a belt, I can't get too worked up about it. Plus it might be too monogrammy.

    Any suggestions for under 400? eBay deals also work :yes:
    I'm not really feeling anymore inclusion right now, and I plan on getting a envelope plate in Perle and the Dragonne phone strap for V-day.
  2. The Agenda - can you afford the small instead of the mini? It's gorgeous! I love the flip flops too - they are a close tie!
  3. I like everything but my choose is the the Mini Agenda in Pomme
    PLUS the ring. Maybe you could exchange this with the earrings or an bracelet
  4. I already have the small in Indigo that does my scheduling. Which is why I don't really want another, I'd use it more for sketching and a quick small wallet since I really only have 2 cards and 2 ids :biggrin:
  5. thats a GREAT idea!
  6. Love the pom!
  7. I like the pom.