Choices, Choices, Choices. I drive myself nuts sometimes!


Choice, Choices, Choices

  1. MC White Wapity

  2. Vernis Cles in Perle

  3. Mono Mini Pochette

  4. Damier Azur Mini Pochette

  5. Damier Azur Pochette Accessories

  6. Damier Azur Speedy 25

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  1. Some of you may know my friend's in Paris now and the discount is tempting. Just yesterday I didn't really care too much to get somethign but today (gosh, I change my mind quick!)... I'm feeling the "high" and antsy anticiaption at the mere possibility of a new LV! I really drive myself crazy sometimes. :sweatdrop: To be honest (don't throw rocks now), I never liked damier :yucky:... but now, I that I've been seeing damier azur everywhere on tPF, it started to really grow on me to the point now where I think I really like it! :nuts: How hard is it to get your hands on damier azur here in the states nowadays? Anyways here are my choices:

    1) A new MC wapity
    2) Vernis Cles in perle
    3) Mono mini Pochette
    4) Damier Azur mini Pochette
    5) Damier Azur pochette accessories (I already have one in Mono)
    6) Damier Speedy (I already have one in Mono, as much as I'm in love with it, I don't use it too often because it needs to be handheld and I feel its a bit flashy for where I live)

    Please let me know which one or ones you'd prefer and under what reasoning. I tend to analyze every purchase I make how useful it is, how cute it is and such so I'd love to hear opinions!

    Also, is the Mini Pochette usually used as a bag inside your bag? Is it ever carried another way and does it look good or weird as a shoulder bag or wristlet. Thanks much!!!
  2. I woud et something in the damier azur! Like a mini pochette and the speedy!
  3. or you cold just forget the speedy and get all the little items :yes:
  4. Agree. If your willing to spend the money for the speedy you can use that money instead on the accessories.

    I personally would get (I'm guessing you already have the wapity)....

    Vernis Cles in perle and the Damier Azur pochette accessories. Maybe even the Azur mini pochette instead... or just all 3!
  5. Get the cles and pochette, usually you can find one in mint condition (mini pochette) because someone bought it but found it too small. If you could also spring for the speedy! I'd go for the speedy especially as well because of the price difference, get the more expensive items you want there and any smaller cheaper items here when you have the funds.
  6. I think the azur speedy is lovely so that got my vote! But I think the wapity is so cool!
    Speedy with another azur accessory is very cute though!
  7. I'd get the Azur Speedy :yes:
  8. I vote MC Wapity and Azur Speedy!! I love them BOTH!
  9. i would get either the azur mini pochette or regular pochette accessories..and a POMME! lol..but you want pearl so you should get pearl!
  10. Damier Azur Speedy 25
  11. Get something big, otherwise the price difference wont be that worth it..
  12. Go for the BIG one!
  13. I chose the most expensive one because if you are getting it for less $ go for the big one!
    I have used my mini pochette as a little handbag when I went to a bridal shower. It was perfect. I just can't put all my cute little bags inside my big bags. I want to show them off:smile: .
  14. I personally would get a hat box and a jewllery case if I'm in France right now. And might as well add some Suhali in my shopping! :smile:
  15. DA Speedy vote here.