Choice between this bag & this one

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Travel Sabrina, Ella, both or neither?

  1. Travel Sabrina

  2. Ella

  3. both

  4. neither

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. As gorgeous as the Ella is, I would probably go with the travel Sabrina. I am picturing myself with say the Ella checking in with luggage, going through security, on the plane, getting off, going to baggage claim, etc. and I see Ella just getting in the way and having to be babied. Sabrina can simply be thrown on the shoulder with the shoulder strap and slung a bit behind you so that your hands are free. The travel Sabrina is definitely the more practical of the two IMO.
  2. I say Ella - I've always thought the travel Sabrina looks odd.
  3. That Ella is HooooooooooT! And I bet it would wear better-- it looks positively fierce. The travel sabrina is lovely also, of course. You probably couldn't go wrong either way, but Ella gets my vote!
  4. I have the ella and absolutely love her. She is rather heavy and stiff though. I believe the sabrina would be able to hold more and you could use the crossbody strap. You must weigh the pros and cons of each bag.
  5. if you already have to choose one, i'd go for ella, not just bkz of travel, but bkz you can use her after travel comfortably as well, and she's sooo gorgeous!!!
  6. I just bought a Claire (inlaid C leather/suede/patent) and it IS really big and super beautiful! And sandc is spot on re: the strap and the's super big (I'm using it as a go-to-work bag when I'm tired of using my PW Hamptons).
  7. Both are beautiful but I say Sabrina is better for travel since it's lighter to begin with.
  8. I don't like the dimensions of the travel sabrina (I love the large sabrina btw). She is like a big hot dog shape.

    Ella is gorgeous!
  9. Well even though we all, me included loved the Ella, I stuck with the travel Sabrina. The Ella is gorgeous & Coach if you are listening you should offer her in a smaller size. But she is a purse not a travel bag & is quite heavy. even empty.I surprised myself, but I left her for someone who will truly get use out of the bag.

    Thank you everyone for the advice.
  10. Hi Liz,
    I do like the Ella especially the Red Croc - but reminds me of my Garnet!!!! Traveliing Sabrina is big - more like a duffle bag! (I know Ella is big too but more stylish!)
    Good luck in your choice!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  11. well you probably made a good choice, i dont know how i missed this thread, but i am here now and see you kept the sabrina

    would of been awesome if ella could of came home with you , but i understand , if she was heavy and she was empty , how are you suppose to fill her up and carry her around comfortablely ( spelling)

    good choice ,, the sabrina i doubt you are goinng to worry about her gettin all scratched up and stuff
  12. I love the first bag, it is Rare.....
  13. for travel the sabrina
  14. If I may complicated the issue and add another bag to the mix, I want to suggest a "baby bag"...

    I travel A LOT for both work and pleasure and family obligations. I'm always on the go in one form or another.

    6 years ago I bought an optic C baby bag for travel, this was before Coach put out travel-size bags that weren't luggage per say. And let me tell you, I LOVE it. Not only is it sturdy, it's so practical.

    Think about how you probably buy a water bottle or soda, you probably load up on magazines or books, you probably have at least one form of large-technology. Because it's a baby bag, it has separate compartment that fit all your things neatly and in an organized fashion.

    I keep a water bottle where the bottle would laptop fits in compartment, and I stock magazines, and my kindle on the other side. I keep my person effects in the zipper compartment. It's a comfortable shoulder bag, fits perfectly in the tote at the x-ray machine and snuggly under the seat in front on flight.

    I can't find a picture of it online...but if you're interested I can "stage" mine and take pictures to show you how it's super functional!
  15. That's a great idea italiahaircolor, and there was once in the 50% off at the outlet yesterday, of course the idea did not occur to me at that point.