Choice between this bag & this one

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Travel Sabrina, Ella, both or neither?

  1. Travel Sabrina

  2. Ella

  3. both

  4. neither

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I think you can get more in the sabrina
  2. I don't know. I like the Ella and the fact that you can have it on your shoulder. I know the Sabrina has the strap, but I am personally not a fan of how Sabrina looks when the shoulder strap is used. Are you thinking of using it to get as much as you can in it for a plane trip? What about a Julianne or a Claire? The large Claire is pretty big and it has the extra strap.
  3. wow!!!! the Ella is stunning!!!!!!!!
  4. I like the Ella better, but Sabrina may be more practical. I still say Ella though. :smile:
  5. I was gonna say Ella hands-down! (esp that one in the auction) But then I read that you needed it for travel, and in that case, I say Sabrina would work best.
  6. Yes Sandc I am thinking of it for a plane trip. I think the Sabrina is very light weight & gigantic. The Ella though has pow. Wow. Pow. I am wondering if she will be really heavy, even empty.

    And maybe the Sabrina asa fabric will be hardy. I'll faint if someone shoves crap against the Ella in an overhead bin.

    Gotta go check out the carry on dimensions... does anyone know....
  7. Sounds like everyone is leaning Ella. I haven't even seen it IRL, but I'm going to look today.
  8. I agree that the Ella is stunning. I just think the Sabrina is more practical for travel. With all the price hikes for checking luggage you will want a carry on you can get the most in.
  9. Cypriann, Good point. I'm hoping each of us can have a carry on & two people can split a manageable sized checked bag. Four are traveling so we'll only have 2 checked that way.

    They do seem to be charging for all the things that used to be included. We are travelling Delta & NW with frequent flyer miles.

    We'll have laundry available at the other end so I am forcing everyone to travel light.
  10. Most airlines allow you one carry on bag and a purse. So, the Ella or something similar would be a purse, not a carry on. Cram all you can in your biggest purse and take a carry on. That's what I do.
  11. Oh crap ~ so carry the Sabrina AND the Ella. I'dl look like a waddling duck. And Coach would pay me not to carry their stuff & ruin their image of the young slender model moving along like a gazelle, not the...well, me.

    Hey maybe.. I'm on to something here! LOL
  12. Between these two bags, I really like the Ella.
  13. I like the Ella ..... But the Sabrina may be more practical for travel and may "whether the storm" of the dreaded x-ray belts, being crammed under seats or over head bins ....and the woes of airline travel. The siggy fabric on the Sabrina may clean up better after being drug through airline crime! The down side of the travel sabrina, I had one and returned it because it felt like a big army duffle bag and I couldn't find a thing in it.

    I'm no help!
  14. I think the Sabrina is more practical, but that Ella is beautiful. do both ;)