Choice A or B?

Dearest girl

Louis Vuitton•Chanel• Balenciaga
Oct 5, 2012
My current collection is

3 balenciaga city bags

One Balenciaga mini city

2 Louis Vuitton alma vernis

One Chanel M/l classic flap

Which two bags should I add to my collection?

Choice A : LV Speedy Bandoulier 25 in empreinte + Lv Speedy Bandoulier 25 in DE

Choice B : Lv Speedy B 25 in empreinte + LV pochette metis in empreinte

Vote please!!!!! TIA

Ps : Personally, I prefer zip top closure. I'm not sure if pochette metis in empreinte leather will lose its shape over time?


Feb 4, 2013
Hello, I would go and try them on! But I would go with choice B, but here is the metis always sold out :doh:
My friend just got an empreinte metis off the website a few days ago. I think they are starting to catch up with demand.
I think option C- canvas speedy b and empreinte pm. I think the emp speedy loses its shape more than the pm would.
Good luck!