Chocolatey Goodness...LOL

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  1. I bought a box of Milk Duds and a $4.00 yellow t-shirt from WalMart. Actually I got several of these shirts because they were fitted tees and I just love fitted tees. I also love graphic tees, and quirky tees, and when I can't find what I want, I like to play around with making my own. Nothing too fancy; just an inkjet printer and some transfer paper.

    I scanned the box of candy into a photo-editing program:


    And then I played with it. I cut and traced and pasted and layered until I had letters that didn't appear in the original logo, and came up with a quirky new logo. Then I simply printed it out onto t-shirt transfer paper (I had to do a few test prints first, in ink-conserving draft mode) and ironed it on to the yellow shirt (I also had to do one test-iron on a spare shirt of similar material). And then ta-da! This is what I ended up with:


    This is a shot of me wearing the shirt (ignore how lumpy my jeans make me look!):


    I think the "milk" connection is obvious--although I'm not a nursing mom and don't plan to be! Also, though, I think it's kind of tongue-in-cheek, having all this "chocolatey" skin and all!


    I've worn this a couple of times, although sometimes I think it's a bit too risque. What do you guys think? Too "in-your-face"? At any rate, the shirt didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but if I'd used that transfer paper that has a white background instead of a transparent background, it would have looked a lot better, since the white part of the logo shows up plain yellow in my version.
  2. OMG I love it LOL I don't know where I could ever wear it and feel comfortable but it's so... RAWR!
  3. :lol: Milk jugs! Where have you worn it out to? Did you get any comments? I'm not bold enough to wear a shirt like that, well maybe around my peers to a little get together.

    How creative! I like it.
  4. i love it! definitely a bit on the risque side, but fun!
  5. too cool!!! and totally fun!
    what a great idea!
  6. Such a cute idea! I would say on the risky side, but if you're comfortable, go for it!
  7. Thanks for the feedback, guys! LOL.

    I've worn it around the house once with only my hubs around. I have only really worn it outside of the house ONCE--and that was at night, when it was raining, and I had on a light windbreaker over it, so it wasn't that big of a deal. I don't think anyone noticed, because nobody commented! It's not something I'd wear just to run out to the mall or something, or to do errands all day long. I do teach, and I run into my students (college aged) all the time, so I try to not project the wrong "vibe" KWIM?
  8. TOTALLY understand, I teach and coach as well! It looks sexy on you though... hubs has to like it ;)
  9. It's very quirky and lol, you did a great job w/the tongue-in-cheek effect. Just like you said, it's probably a little too much for wearing when going out and i'd be fun to wear around hubby ;)
  10. Just to add, GREAT JOB though! If you like to make your own designs and if there isn't a thread on this, you should start your own.
  11. That's funny and cute, I love it!
  12. Funny!!
  13. Cute tee.