Chocolate spy?

  1. Can anyone please post a pic of their chocolate spy?

    Mine is due to arrive tomorrow and I have seen some variations of 'chocolate' on the internet so I would like to see a pic of an actual spy so I can stop panicking that I am not going to like it (Had to choose between chocolate and cognac, and picked chocolate), the SA at Fendi said it is a very dark brown and more popular than the cognac.

    Please help! :heart:
  2. go to the thread "celebs with their fendi's" and you will see pics of a bunch
  3. Thanks! :flowers:
  4. Here are some pictures of my own dk. brown spy. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Back of Spy, taken without flash, captures real color of it


    Here is the front, taken with flash to show turtling detail


    ...and one more of the back with flash


    :roflmfao: Hope that helps!
  5. Lyn2005-You are a lifesaver! :heart: I cant wait to see mine tomorrow now. I just could not picture it other than slightly darker than the cognac. Is it practical in terms of what colour clothes it can go with, or does it only look good with certain colours?
  6. Hi there! I think you'll fall in love with its luscious color when you receive it tomorrow! It's versatile enough to go with most pieces of your wardrobe. I don't think it's restricted to certain colors, it's a lovely deep neutral, and I carry mine with everything, including black outfits (it adds a bit of color, in my opinion). :yes: :yes: :yes:
  7. Oooh! I'm getting really excited now! I will post pics as soon as it arrives tomorrow. HOPEFULLY this one will arrive problem-free. I had a black spy which had a piece of leather missing from the handle and a honey one that had marks on the front flap.
    I really cant be doing with any more stress if this one arrives with any problems.......
  8. IMO, The two are different (well course they are)

    Cognac -- Is a lighter brown with orangey undertones, and has more variations, and gives off a more vintagey look. It was made to look vintage more, so it scuffs a little easier. (This is the same as the Honey color)

    Chocolate (Moro Brown) -- Is a deeper darker richer brown that has less variations that give off a more finished look. This bag was made to maintain its color more. (This is the same as the bone/tan color)

    Both are browns, but it depends on the look you want, vintage or finished?

    I would go for either. Both has its set backs.

    Cognac -- Scuffs easily, but has different variations

    Chocolate -- Doesnt scuff easily, but has a more uniform color.
  9. Lyn2005, your Spy is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks for posting the great pictures!!!