Chocolate spy has arrived!

  1. I will post pics later (as soon as boyfriend is home and can put them onto the computer for me!) :yes:

    I do love it, but I have a few questions that I hope you guys can help with. Firstly, the bag has a few 'colour rub' marks already. There is some across the front flap, a couple in between the handle sockets and in the corners of the bag. The SA assured me this bag had not been on display, but this makes me think otherwise?! I actually had a thought that maybe this oculd be a returned bag????!!! I really dont want the hassle of returning this for the third time but does anybody think these are big issues?

    Also, the braided handle that hangs from the front of the bag has squeaky hardware (at the bottom where the strap loops back), I am going to spray some WD40 over it to get rid of the noise, but the actual leather strap itself will not stay at the back. It keeps looping itself over to the front, thus covering the fendi logo on the bottom of the handle,thats not the issue, its just the fact that the handle wont stay at the back.

    Any advice you guys can give will be so much appreciated. Apart from those issues mentioned, I love the bag. The colour is beautiful and the texture is fabulous. :love:
  2. Take a pic...Not really understanding the problem!!
  3. The color rub marks *may* be common. I was wondering the same thing when I bought my Wisteria Spy. I didn't inspect it in the store but when I got home I noticed a few things here and there. When I called the store they told me that they've only had the bag for a couple of days and assured me that it wasn't a return.
    DO post pics though!:biggrin:
  4. can't wait to see pics!! i think my chocolate spy should be coming in the mail today as well!

    i would suggest not spraying wd-40 until you are sure you're going to keep the bag. that stuff is pretty stinky
  5. Here are the pics! Opinions most welcome as always peeps!
    fendi choc spy 1.jpg fendi choc spy 2.jpg choc spy 3.jpg fendi choc spy 4.jpg fendi choc spy 5.jpg
  6. It is GORGEOUS!! I love the color...its a wonderful brown. So happy for you!
  7. congrats!!!
  8. It is beautiful! My Chocolate Spy had marks here and there too, when I first got it
  9. Gorgeous bag!!! My Honey Spy is brand new and has a few areas that look rubbed, also. It also has very slightly darker color down the middle.
  10. I'm pretty sure that all Spy leather is going to have those natural variations. I think it even says that on one of the care cards.
  11. I just compared it with my dark brown spy and here're my thoughts:

    (1) color variation across the leather is natural. I also have a few lighter spots on my leather, it looks like its rubbed off, but it isn't. The leather for spys are sponge-dyed. They are meant to look like this.

    (2) try not to touch the "lipstick/tampon/etc" secret compartment in front of the bag. I suppose that's where the noise comes from. The reason is that while it is a cute compartment, I have heard stories about how after a while, some people find that it doesn't shut tight anymore. I don't use mine for anything cos it's too small for most things I bring around anyway. You might wanna avoid that problem.

    (3) The leather that hangs from the front should stay flat. If you take a look at my pictures, you should clearly the the upside down "Fendi" at the bottom. This one I'm not sure how to solve. You should take it out with the Fendi SA and have them replace it for you.


  12. congrats ...looks awesome....
  13. Very cute. Congrats.
  14. Beautiful! Congrats. =)
  15. I'd be careful spraying WD40, why not use a q-tip instead? You don't want to get it on the leather. Also you might not want the clasp to be too easy to open... some are & they don't stay closed.