Chocolate Signature Or Black Signature Bleecker Large Flap??? Help!!!


Chocolate Signature OR Black Signature Bleecker Large Flap?

  1. Chocolate Signature

  2. Black Signature

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  1. Hi, everyone. This is my FIRST post and I need some HELP!!!! I am loving the Bleecker large flap signature purse, but I am stuck as to which color to choose!!! I tried the bag on in my boutique and the drop length is PERFECT for me. It's like I FOUND MY BAG, only the color choice is difficult! I am stuck between the chocolate signature and the black signature. I wear clothing in ALL colors, so I cant choose the color based on my wardrobe! I am a SAHM so I do not get dressed up AT ALL! I wear mostly denim, khaki's and loungewear! I would appreciate ANY input ANYONE can give me about this bag. Please post any modelling pics you may have as well (even if you have this bag in other colors than mentioned above!) Thanks so much and looking forward to meeting you all!!!!
  2. I have this in chocolate signature and it's gorgeous! The black is beautiful too but something about the chocolate just stood out to me. It's a great casual bag and looks fabulous with everything!
  3. I also have the lg bleeker sig flap in chocolate and love it.:tup:
  4. Oh and by the way welcome,you will love the bleeker sssooooo beautiful.
  5. My vote was for chocolate.
  6. chocolate is just the BEST color ever
  7. Thanks for your input!!! So far, chocolate is in the lead! Cant wait to hear from more of you, girls!!! Does anyone have ANY modelling pics they can post for me to see? Thanks!
  8. I had this bag but had to return it because the strap was just too long for me. I got it in Chocolate and it was truly a beautiful bag - just didnt work for me.
  9. Brown/chocolates are "in", but always rich and warm, goes well with a lot of pastels, black is striking and elegant, but it can sometimes be harsh, you may also consider what color shoes you wear the most, especially if they're wintery/leather.
  10. I just love browns and the coach chocolate is a great choice! :tup:
  11. I am having this EXACT same problem.....this is such a GREAT bag, but there are TOO many color choices that look GREAT on this bag!!! LOL I'm leaning toward the chocolate for myself b/c I LOVE Coach chocolate....or ANY chocolate for that matter!! However, my gift is already bought for me, so whatever was chosen for me will be MINE!!!! I am sending Coach prayers that it WILL BE this bag though!!!!! Good luck w/ your decision and PLEASE let us know which you decide on!!!!
  12. Here ya go:


    what fits inside:

    stuff inside:

    oustide pockets:

    And sitting pretty:
  13. :drool: ^^ WOW!!!!!!^^ :drool: Thank you so much for posting all of those pics! I think I am in love w/ the chocolate after seeing these! What a great color! How do you find the leather on it? Does it scratch easily or is it easy to care for? Do you have to spray it with some kind of leather protector to protect it from the snow in the winter? Thank you again for sharing those pics!
  14. Ps: THAT WALLET IS AMAZING! What is the style number on that? I must get me one of those too!!!!
  15. Just bumping this up b/c I am STILL undecided and need help!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!! LOL