Chocolate signature Carly, Chocolate signature ergo hobo, or gold studded tote?

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Choco sig Carly, Choco sig ergo hobo, or gold studded tote?

  1. Chocolate signature medium Carly

  2. Chocolate signature ergo hobo

  3. Gold gallery studded signature tote

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Help! Which bag should I get? If I could afford all of them I would get all three...LOL

    I don't have an all brown bag yet, so that's why I picked that color for hobo/carly.
    But it seems the Gold tote would do well for dressy occasions or going into summer. But it's kind of a casual shape so I probably wouldn't try to dress it up too much - that's what patent hobo is for!

    What do you all think?
  2. I feel compelled to mention that I have a large signature Carly and a large ergo hobo already so the choices I mentioned in the poll would be the medium sizes for something different. I don't have any gallery totes.

    So, any information on experiences using the totes would be much appreciated!
  3. I personally prefer the carly or ergo but since you have both of them the tote may be the best option. It's always good to try something new. It is really pretty & like you said would work for dressy occasions and into summer. I guess that's how I'll vote :lol: I think any of the 3 is a great choice though!
  4. Since you already have a large Carly, I voted for the medium Ergo Hobo...I have one and it's fabulous! I think it would be a better bag than a medium Carly.
  5. Go for the gallery tote.:drool:
  6. Hard decision. I voted for the Signature Chocolate Carly because I just love that Chocolate color. And I love the way the Carly's look.

    Let us know what your final decision is. Good luck!
  7. CHOCOLATE SIGNATURE ERGO HOBO!!!!!!!! I have this bag and LOVE her!!!
  8. I would go w/the tote since you already have a Carly and an ergo. I would probably do the tote in the brown/bronze color though - just because the lighter colors make me a nervous wreck when I carry them outside of the house!
  9. if you already have the carly and ergo why not get a tote? be different!
  10. I totally agree with this.
  11. I'll probably end up with a bleecker duffle :nuts: