Chocolate Satchel Kicked Chocolate Zippy Out and Brought Home Noir!!!

  1. So everyone saw the beautiful Chocolate Zippy I brought home on Tuesday.. Well last Sunday I located a Chocolate Satchel at a Nordies up in the Bay which which I ordered.:graucho::nuts: All the previous chocolate satchel sightings I've had were not so great: I'm no expert on the leather, but I didn't ever have that feeling "OMG I HAVVVE to have this bag!" feeling. So I wasn't expecting much, but OMG today it arrived!:yahoo:and I LOVVVVVE it!!!!:love::heart::love: It's perfect in everyway and I feel that "Bond" that so many have posted here about, when finding that special bag and just KNOWING that this was
    THE BAG!:greengrin: Something about it just makes me feel like Yes! this bag is SPECIAL! Anyways long story short, the Chocolate Zippy went back this afternoon and with me came NOIR! Noir was actually my 1st choice color for the Zippy, but I fell for that beautiful chocolate leather. After seeing the satchel, I thought the satchel looked far more beautiful in chocolate than the Zippy. So now I'm only on the prowl for one more bag.. one of the gorgeous whites since so many of you have declared the whites as your most beautiful & favorite.:love:
    Here are the new additions and my growing paddy sisters. Tell me what you guys think!
    Camera 052.jpg Camera 047.jpg Camera 045.jpg
  2. Beautiful bags, love the blue.
  3. Wow gorgeous collection, congrats Abby!! :flowers: Zippy looks perfect in noir, also the chocoate satchel and pocket paddy are both beautiful, I think you made right choises..!!! :love:
  4. OMG abbyy!! :nuts::heart: Congrats on your new babies!! :yahoo: I LOVE the noir zippy so much!!!! :love::love::love: One of my favorite colors in that style!! And your chocolate satchel has gorgeous leather!!! That bond feeling is great, isn't it?? :girlsigh: Have you taken either of them out for a spin yet??
  5. Your whole collection is gorgeous. Love your Noir especially too.
  6. What a beautiful collection you have. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with us.
  7. Those little scamps!! :nuts:

    They travel in packs, don't they?!? :whistle:
  8. LMAO!! POWER IN NUMBERS!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. Abbyy--that is just gorgeous! the noir zippy is my current dream bag...sigh...
  10. so beautiful abbyy!!! i think you've got every turning green here!

    where did you buy it may i ask? im trying to search for one too! and post pics of you wearing it when you get a chance to...i wanna see how pretty it looks on! :smile: thanks!
  11. Dang girl!!! Congrats on the noir zippy. :yahoo:

    Your family is growing!!!!!
  12. Thank you EVERYONE for the nice comments! It's great sharing with others who understand the feeling :love::yahoo:
    Audrey: I took chocolate satchel with me to The Ivy for lunch today!:nuts: My girlfriends were like, "It's ABOUT TIME you got a satchel!" haha It felt wonderful carrying such a gorgeous bag!:jammin:
    jacquelinez: I was lucky to have found both my chocolate satchel AND noir zippy at Nordies. I had to call around several stores however to locate them.
    macp6: I'm sure you will find your noir zippy soon! It's definitely far more beautiful in noir!!
    janicemph: Actually it's noir (black), however I guess I can see how it may look a little blue in the pics..:confused1:
  13. Hey abbYY,

    So which style do you like best???

  14. OMG! How did I miss this thread! I am on the floor! Those bags are GORGEOUS! The noir is TDF!!!! Seriously drooling! Congratulations!!!
  15. ahhhhh!:sweatdrop: This question is a toughy since I :heart: all my bags. I do have to say that the medium satchel is perfect. The size is perfect, the way it slouches and smooshes in is perfect, the detailing is not overdone or underdone thus, making it the PERFECT everyday bag. I definitely see why people went crazy for this style and want one in every color Chloe has to offer. The style looks gorgeous in EVERY color too. And did I say it looks GORGEOUS in chocolate? OMG I didn't know what I was missing until this bag arrived!!:roflmfao: The Zippy is amazing and I :heart: the noir. The zippers & tassels give it Rock&Roll!! and this is my new favorite going out bag! The size is pretty much the same as the medium satchel. But funny thing is I only like Zippy in certain colors. It doesn't appeal to me in every color as does the satchel. Maybe that means medium satchel really is the PERFECT style?? Large pocket paddy was my 1st and I still :heart: it, but the heaviness has prevented me from using it as much as I would like.
    It's between Medium Satchel & Zippy!! They're both GREAT bags & I :heart: both styles equally as of now!:love:

    jag: Thanks for the nice comments!! I'm in paddy:angel: right now!!!!!!!!!