Chocolate Roxanne, any advice?

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  1. So Im finally getting my first mulberry bag, and I've decided that it will be a chocolate roxanne. I really like the color, it's classic and goes with everything :yes: and I've always wanted a roxanne, because the shape/size is idea. As this is my first mulberry I wanted to know if there's something I should know about this bag: does it age well? Is it really heavy when full? Should I protect it with something?
    And if you ladies wouldn't mind I'd love to see pictures of your roxannes!

    Thankyou :flowers:
  2. If you do a search there is an entire thread with pictures of everyones roxannes. will try and locate it for you. Depends what you are used to but the lethaer and hardware mean the bag is quite heavy. you'll need to spray the leather with collonil spray as advised by Mulberry. Hope this helps!!!
    By the way great choice. i love the choco leather!
  3. Chaz has a lovely, slightly aged chocolate Roxanne - check out the photo reference & catwalk threads for pictures.
  4. The choco is fab! I have it in oak, but I regretted not getting the chocolate.
  5. I'll post a pic of mine for you.
    It has aged nicely,and it has taken a lot of abuse,but the leather,despite its heaviness,is very robust so it was an ideal choice for me.And I just love it!!!!:love:

    I have added a couple of pics of it against much newer Roxy's so you can see how the shape has softened as its aged,and I have used tons of collinil on it too,thats helped with that soft gloss on it as well as keeping it well protected.

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  6. I just bought a choco Roxy at House of Fraser during my trip to London. It is the natural tanned leather as opposed to Darwin, which apparently, Mulberry claims is the same thing, but I don't think so. The natural tanned leather seems finer grained and a bit thinner -- which is a good thing. I ADORE my choco Roxy, am using it right now and am LOVING IT. This is the bag I always wanted, and never got because I thought it would be too "busy" looking. But once it is off the shelf, and unfolded (they always have it so clasped up) IT IS FABULOUS.

    Another thing: The Roxy is a satchel. If you are looking for a shoulder bag, this is not it. You can put it on your shoulder if you are slim...but really, it is a satchel bag.
  7. Have we seen a photo of your new Choco Roxy yet TG???? I don't remember you posting any. Would love to see it - post a photo in the Roxy Club if you can so we can compare the leather.
  8. Thanks for the advice! And pics chaz, your choco roxy looks really good :smile:!! And it has aged really well! It's a shame you can't really carry it on your shoulder though :confused1: But I still like the style so much and looking at all the lovely pics in the other thread made me sure that this is the bag I want :heart:
  9. You'll see from the Catwalk Thread that some of our ladies have put a long strap on their Roxannes so that they can carry them on the shoulder or across the body like a messenger bag - really good idea I think!
  10. Great choice! :yes: To me, its the quintessential Mulberry bag. I've had mine about three years...

  11. I will try to post this weekend. Will have to go through Photobucket because tpf doesn't like the size of my pix. Tropical Roxy.
  12. Now I finally have my roxanne, and Im LOVING IT :heart::heart:!!! But the strap would be nice. Does anyone know where I can buy one? Does mulberry sell them? I do have loads of straps that I can take off my other bags, but none in brown leather :tdown:
  13. The other girls use the thick canvas straps from Martha Messenger bags and the like.

    I don't think the Mulberry sell straps by themselves and apparently they don't like to sell them to people to change the look of their bags! I think a few people have asked Mulberry for a 'replacement strap' for their messenger bags and used them for their Roxy.

    The best person to ask would be Dita. I know SaraJane used the strap from her Martha bag for hers (they both have light Roxanne bags though (Vanilla and Lemon) so their straps are light - I don't know what Mulberry bags have a detatchable Dark Brown Strap).

    I'm after the same thing so if you find out.......let me know.
  14. I think if you order a replacement strap for a Seth in chocolate, that should be the one you need. Check out the Seth on the Mulberry website to get a good look at the strap. The buckle on mine is bigger than the Seth one - mine is the same as the buckle on the Barnaby, but that's not a detachable strap.

    Congrats on the chocolate Roxanne, by the way, fabulous choice :tup: