Chocolate Ring Bag!!!!!

  1. Wow, so tempting, but so many brown bags.....
  2. so cute...great price!!
  3. It's gone.:sad:
  4. Ouch! That could have been my first Ring! :push: I've been eyeing on it.
  5. :sad:
  6. Did someone here get it (believe it or not, I didn't go for it as I already have a few brown bags)? It was a GREAT deal! Thanks for posting the link Robyn! :tup:

    The last time I looked, SFA had ONE black biker Ring in stock, but was still full price. I think that bag is beginning to become harder to find.

    Oops, never mind....the black biker Ring that Saks had is also gone.
  7. I thought Stinker would have grabbed it! It was a great deal. I have one solid brown bags and would seriously thought about it. Was the leather stiff or smooshy?
  8. Wow, what a price!
    Fantastic bag, I hope someone here got it in that blink of an eye that it was up :biggrin: