Chocolate Ramona On Sale

  1. FYI - saturday at 4:00 est - there was a brand new, chocoalte ramona on sale at SCOOP in east hampton, new york...
    i checked it over carefully to look for some problem, but it seemed to to be in perfect shape. not sure why it's on sale as its still hard to get
    i would have bought it - but i have one i paid full price for.
    it is 1119.000 down from 1850.00.
    unless someone snatched it up yesterday its still there.
    SCOOP BEACH -631-329-8080
    47 newtown lane, east hampton
  2. Wow ... that's a great deal ... someone should definitely get it if it hasn't been "scooped" up already!!

    I was so lucky in that I was able to get my hands on the Large Navy Ramona (at Gretta Luxe, Wellesley MA). The leather on this bag is so soft and wonderful, and it's a very comfortable bag to wear on the shoulder.
  3. I called and it has been 'scooped' :sad: Bummer, I received one Friday from Saks but that price would have been nice! Thanks for posting the sighting though!