Chocolate preference

  1. I am planning to open a chocolate shop in the near future (hopefully this year) in Hong Kong, and am doing some research on chocolate brands. In Hong Kong, we already have Godiva (which is doing very well), Leonidas (doing ok), Sees (the 1st choco select shop in HK), Neuhaus and Valrhona. I was planning to visit Belgium to search for more choco brands last May, but my DH suggested Paris for shopping, so we finally ended up in Paris and UK.

    Any choco lovers who can share your choco preference?

    Sorry that I know this is off-topic, but I don't have others to ask for opinions because all my friends/relatives are not choco lovers. Maybe I should shoot for a second tier brand.

    Thanks for your advice!
  2. Teuscher! Famous for their excellent champagne truffles!
  3. Thanks Kelly32! Just browsed through internet and there is a store in HK already, too bad. The choco looks so yummy, will buy some this week and have a try.
  4. In Paris:
    Pierre Hermé
    La Maison du Chocolat
    Jean-Paul Hévin
    Patrick Roger
  5. Also: Jacques Torres, MarieBelle
  6. I think there's a chocolate festival every year in Paris. Le salon du chocolat or something like that. Maybe you can find more inspiration for your new shop. Good luck on your business venture!
  7. aanother vote for Jacques Torres
  8. Thanks Evekitti!

    I've checked out all the brand names suggested by tpfers. I have ordered a few boxes of choco online from La Masison Du Choco just a moment ago. Their packaging and the outlook of the choco look very good. If they do not taste good, I will give away as CNY gifts to my relatives, hehe.
  9. Oddly enough I am eating a truffle right this very minute.
    It is a favorite of mine and not very expensive.
    The Chocolatier is Jacquot, and I love the bitter classic.
    I eat two a day,sometimes three.
    I can't find much contact info on the box. They are from France,and there is a importer in Austalia,Sweet Season PTY LTD in Hornsby NSW
  10. Hi, I just came back from Brussels ( well about 1 month ago!) and Pierre Marcolini was such a popular shop, it looked so cutting edge, funky and smart, I got 2 boxes and some truffles, anyway, good luck with your business idea!! I also love Callebaut, which may be considered a bit lower down than the others listed!x
  11. You have to go to belgium packed full of shops and ideas!x
  12. My absolute favorite chocolate is Scharffen Berger manufactured in Berkeley, CA, USA (, it is simply the best, and I have tried many different chocolates from around the world and have never tried anything better. I don't live in the Bay Area anymore, but when I go visit, I stock up on enough to get me through until I go back. They don't really do truffles, they might in their shop, but their bar chocolate is drool worthy. I know that some other specialty grocery stores stock their chocolate bars, maybe that's what you would want to do in addition to whatever treats you want to sell. Their chocolate is very pure and ethically sourced and processed on vintage machines from Europe. Definately check it out!
  13. Hi Choclate Lovers:You want chocloate, no one beats the Austrians for chocloate.Try Manner, the world famous company with the pink wrapper.The Governator/Treminator used it in all his movies!susanvonLove Hermes, Love Wien
  14. Ladies, thanks so much for your advice!