Chocolate? (pleated satchel related)

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  1. Hi All-

    I know we sometime think of what color we WISH they had made, but I am wondering why no chocolate/mohogany/walnut for the pleated satchel.

    What color do you wish you could buy (outside the current colors)?
  2. I wish they would've made that Atlantic color-turquoise (like the lily) in this pleated ergo satchel... that would've been BEAUTIFUL (in either patent OR leather!... YUM!)
  3. A bright and happy patent yellow! I am on a yellow kick (again)!:smile:
  4. I wish Coach would make any bag in a forest green and charcoal gray leather. ​

  5. ITA! I have been searching for a patent yellow bag/clutch for weeks! I'm so craving it! The pleated satchel would look really cute in yellow!:heart:
  6. All great suggestions ladies!
  7. Mazie May, I totally agree with you. YELLOW. I am on such a yellow kick right now. I would love to have any coach bag in yellow, especially if its in patent.
  8. I would love a grass green one!
  9. Red leather (not patent) and turquoise leather, and walnut or whiskey leather. I would have purchased any (or maybe all!) of those. I like the pleated satchel a lot but am not wild about any of the colors.
  10. They definately should have done it in that teal that the new Bridget is in - that would be gorgeous - also the sunflower.