Chocolate perfume?

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  1. Hi! I' m looking for a perfume that smells like chocolate, cocoa or something like that. Do you have any recommendations?
  2. Angel by Thierry Mugler has chocolate scents in it...but not totally chocolate
  3. Have you ever smelled Serendipitous? According to Amazon, it's supposed to have "notes of chocolate, hints of Tahitian vanilla and blood orange." I actually have this perfume. I do like it, but I just don't think it has a lot of staying power.
  4. aquolina - chocolovers !!! ♥

  5. It's called Chocolate by Masaki Matsushima and it smells heavenly, but it's extremely hard, nearly impossible to get. Sephora used to sell it but sold out months ago. I miraculously got one bottle.
  6. Probably your best bet would be Chocolovers by Aquolina. I haven't smelled it myself, but I think the name is a good giveaway. I think it'd be easier to find than the rest of the perfumes mentioned. I've seen it for sale at Sephora.
  7. The Body Shop - Amorito (from the Invent your scent line), pure sweet chocolate scent
  8. CSP - Amour de Cacao
  9. ^CSP-Amour de Cacoa for sure! This is a deep, dark chocolate scent. People will swoon at your feet.
  10. Does it have to be perfume? Philosophy makes some Hot Chocolate scented bath products. I have the 3-in-1 and it's just pure chocolate; it doesn't have any floral notes or anything.

    Also Bathed & Infused (I swear I'm not affiliated with them, I just love them! lol) makes quite a few chocolate scents, and you can get any product they sell in the scent of your choice, including perfume spray, perfume oil & body mist. For Halloween they did a Count Chocula one that sounded great, but I never got around to ordering it :hrmm:
  11. Aquolina Chocolovers
  12. Check out the Demeter range, they have some truly delicious smelling fragrances.
  13. Check out "sugar sticks", it's a chocolate scented perfume on a stick.