Chocolate Paddy....What Shoes?

  1. I am now the proud owner of a new Chocolate Paddington. For all the other owners of the same color bag, what brand of shoes and what color shoes are you wearing with it? Post pics & purchase info, please.
    Thanks so very much.
  2. I like to wear my chocolate paddington with...well, brown heels! :lol: But for a twist I also like to wear my choco with patterned heels, like in the photo attached. I also attached a photo of my (once) Edith and the most matched shoe I have ever found for her! It was amazing how much the colour matched. Looking at old photos of her makes me really sad. I need another whiskey Edith! :crybaby:

    Anyhow, the one with the chocolate paddington is Michael Antonio and the one with the whiskey Edith is Steve Madden. But to be truthful with you, while I try to match my heels to my purse it isn't a requirement for me. Sometimes I match the brass on the padlock instead of the actual chocolate colour. I do that for my jewerly as well.

    Congrats on your paddington! Chocolate is the most amazing colour! :jammin:
    paddy.jpg edy5.jpg
  3. Hi PursePhanatic!

    Lately I've been using my Converse metallic bronze chuck taylors with jeans. I like it that it compliments the lock on my paddy. Sometimes when I feel like wearing my skirt or capri pants I wear my Chloe Golden sphere shoes & my favorite Delman whipstitched flats. Please find the links below.

    I also think that it depends on what you wear with your Choco paddy.


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  4. I bought a pair of Chloe platforms in chocolate to match my Paddy! Bad me! But it's pretty hot.

    Any chocolate platforms will go really well - or pumps that evoke that British countryside look.
  5. congratulations! I use my chocolate paddy with almost everything, from flip flops, sneakers to heels!
  6. Agreed, the chocolat paddy goes so well with everything!
    I love to wear mine with my chocolat Chloe platforms best :heart:
  7. How cute are ya'll!! Love it!!!
  8. :PHad to add these pics of my Guiseppe Zanotti heels that go really well with my chocolat paddy!
    40.dbas 033.jpg 35.dbas 036.jpg