Chocolate or Oak Natural Leather?

  1. What's your colour preference?

    Do many of you have bags in both, and which do you like better?
  2. I like them both! I've got a Bayswater in oak :heart: which I love to bits. My BF has got a wallet in chocolate and I like that colour too, it's a lovely rich shade.

    The oak is more likely to stain, whereas I think the consensus here is that the chocolate is fairly durable - doesn't get water marked, etc.
  3. They are both great colours but I prefer the chocolate as it doesn't mark as easily as the oak. Both wonderful though.
  4. I've got an oak Emmy & a chocolate Elgin. The chocolate is definitely more robust and a really rich, smart looking shade. The oak is a bit more casual imo but it is the classic Mulberry colour and really suits all the bags. The oak goes well with everything.

    Couldn't pick a favourite - I think it's more to do with what colour will complement your wardrobe more and whether you're happy taking care of the leather (or if you don't want to take care of the leather, whether you don't mind the odd watermark, stain etc).
  5. I love both too. I have an oak annie and a chocolate antony bag. I'm looking to get a bayswater for xmas and am thinking of going for the chocolate as it will be a bit smarter for work and hopefully not so prone to watermarks/stains etc.
  6. Both are great colors. I'd go for the choc. It doesn't show stains or scratches as much.
  7. For me it has to be oak i do like chocolate but i don't think it ages as well
  8. I like the oak color a lot, but it does show stains more easily. I also find it a bit difficult to match with my wardrobe.