Chocolate or Cognac Spy?


Which Spy color do you prefer?

  1. Chocolate

  2. Cognac

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I got rid of my Cognac spy because I thought I wanted the chocolate spy. Now that the cognac is gone and I have the chocolate spy, I miss the cognac. Which color do you prefer?
  2. I too had the Large Cognac, I was told that it was rare so I held on to it. To tell you the truth I really was not 100% in love with it, I didn't care for the color (orangey) AND the fading part, even though I know it was intentionally done and the lambskin felt too thin and sagged terribly. Anyway, I finally got rid of it because the "secret compartment" detached, the screw broke off!:wtf: I bought it at Neimans so, I returned it and they credited my acct. because they could'nt repair it or give me a replacement, since it's no longer available. I was left with my black Spy but since I'm so in love with the Spy bags I wanted another magic I saw the Chocolate Spy for sale on the Marketplaza! :nuts:....It was love at first sight! I compared it to my black Spy, the rich Chocolate color just put my plain black Spy to shame, so I got rid of the black! Now I have the beautiful Chocolate Spy and just recently purchased the Zucca Spy.:love:
  3. I havent seen either one IRL... but from pics the Cognac is absolutely gorgeous! I love how it fades and gets character. Makes that much more special when you break it in. IMO
  4. Cognac!!!:love:
  5. Chocolate I prefer, but both are gorgeous.
  6. I have chocolate spy and i absolutely love it! The colour is so rich and delicious :smile:
  7. i prefer the cognac! :heart:
  8. I have the chocolate and love, love, love it!
  9. Cognac. I love the color.
  10. I hemmm and hawww for a long while between cognac and chocolate because of the fading on the cognac. Ultimately I found the chocolate a tad too dark for me and went with the cognac despite the fading. I don't regret it at all and believe it or not I actually like the slight fading.
  11. Chocolate, I just love the color.
  12. ahhh!!!! the poll is exactly 50-50 right now. here are pics of the cognac (i don't have this any more) and of the chocolate.:confused1:
    cognacspy.jpg choco.jpg
  13. Cognac! I have one, and it's absolutely stunning! :0)
  14. i am biased, i recently bought a choco brown so i say choco brown :smile:
  15. i prefer chocolate!
    it fits better with suits for work i think!