Chocolate or Black - Mulberry Bayswater

  1. I have fallen in love with the Mulberry Bayswater. I went to my local shop to take a look. I originally wanted the Black Kenya but when I saw it in person and tried it on, it is a very sophisticated, formal bag. I'm more the casual type. Even at work my attire is business casual. My husband felt that the chocolate Darwin was best suited to me. This is my very first luxury handbag purchase and I love it.

    I'm just not sure if I should have gone with the black Darwin. Most of my wardrobe is black with some jewel tone colors. I am looking for an everyday bag so I would like it to work with my business casual attire as well as casual. I have a black Coach bag that I use when I am dressed for business. The chocolate just spoke to me, plus I love the patina brown leathers develop.

    Is it ok to carry a very dark brown bag with a mostly black wardrobe? I'm new to this so any advice will be appreciated. TIA.
  2. Deff it will break up the colors a little.
    I think you need a little pop of color when you are wearing all black.
  3. I haven't received it yet, but I chose the chocolate Bayswater - thought the black too severe, and figured I could wear the chocolate with everything, even black. Between the light color (is that Darwin? or Oak? can't recall) , chocolate and black, I thought the choc was the most versatile, and 'softer' a look than black. I had been trying to decide on color this past week. Hope this helps.
  4. I have no problem wearing a brown bag with my almost all black wardrobe. I think you made the right choice. The chocolate Bayswater is beautiful.
  5. The chocolate bayswater is a great choice - goes with everything and can also be worn with black imo! In fact, if your warderobe is mostly black, a black bag might be too dark. If you still feel a bit unsure about the colour combo, why not get a scarf with both browns & black, that would marry the two together nicely.
  6. I have both and I think the Chocolate is def more casual but I love it. I work in a law firm and think the black is better for that. If you are more casual then I def think you have made the right choice - enjoy:smile:
  7. Brown definitely. Certain browns go with black, and this one does, for sure. The black Bayswater is too severe. The brown is just as dark, and it is more chic. Enjoy you lucky gal! I don't have a Bayswater, but I'd like to own one!
  8. I have a choc brown Ida and I love it, the leather just does not show wear or marks. I wear a lot of black and it looks good with it. The Mulberry 'look' isn't all matchy matchy anyway, it's more relaxed.
  9. I'm wanting a chocolate bayswater -you definately made the right choice!
  10. This is the #1 most-important thing, IMO. When you spend that much $$ on a bag, you should get the one that speaks to your heart :heart: instead of your head. It sounds idealistic, but there's a practical reason behind it too - if you adore it, you'll wear it more often, and feel more confident and more "you" when you carry it.

    (^^ This, by the way, was explained to me last weekend by DH when I was trying to decide between two bags.)

    Congrats on making the right choice! Also, I looove dark brown and wear it with almost every other color, including black. Try it with pink, or turquoise! :wlae:
  11. Where I work (fancy jewellers in Leeds) all customers with black Mulberry bags tell me that the leather doesn't age as well as the brown leather (think this is the same for most black bags in my opinion, exception being quilted/stitched black leather) so I say chocolate!

    Also I just think it's prettier :love:
  12. Definitely the chocolate. Much more interesting, I think.
  13. Thanks for the advice ladies! She goes to work tomorrow. I can't wait!
  14. I'm thinking of purchasing a chocolate bayswater - I think the brown breaks up black outfits. I've also heard that they age well and that marks (water marks, denim marks etc) are less likely to show up. Living in England, I'm bound to get caught in the rain and am looking for a bag that can survive this!
  15. Going with the majority verdict here - Choccie Bays....def the way to go!...:biggrin: