Chocolate Nikki Pre-Order from

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  1. Did anyone else pre-order the Chocolate Nikki from ThreeSirens? I thought it said it would be available at the end of Jan, but when I emailed Amy she said that she hadn't heard about the delivery yet.

    I've been waiting for this bag since SEPT 2008!!!!!!! It's been so long that I kinda lost love for it :sad: But maybe when she finally gets here, I'll fall in love all over again....
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    I pre-ordered a choc. nikki from Luna Boston. LB has an estimated ship date of Feb. 1. I understand excitement fading a bit while waiting so long. I'm just going to wait and see if I love it. I'm not even sure what type of hardware it will have. I spoke to someone at LB who was unsure but thought it might be the new clasp hardware in silver.
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    I also pre-ordered mine from LB with a Feb 1 ship date also, and was told the same thing that they were unsure of the hardware and the lining but they thought the hw maybe gold tone. Thankfully my love for it hasn't faded, and since I'm jones-in for it so badly I'm very impartial to what hardware or lining she may have :yahoo:
  4. beano--I pre-ordered mine from Three Sirens. I was told it's supposed to ship on 1/31. I was told that the hardware was probably going to be gold with blue/white striped lining.
  5. I also ordered from 3 Sirens and expected delivery to be the end of Jan/beginning of Feb. Do you think we should contact them and see what's up?
  6. I'm gonna wait patiently until 1/31 (I use the word "patiently" loosely). If I don't get any shipping info then I'll email.

  7. I hear you on the "patiently". I guess I'll do the same.
  8. thanks ladies! i'm glad i'm not alone in my waiting :smile: I'll wait patiently until the 31st also.
  9. ^I don't know if I could wait since Sept. though!! :graucho: That's MEGA patience!
  10. Since our school were closed today due to the weather, I emailed Amy at Three Sirens and she said that RM usually ships the bags out on the 31st, and that she would send them out the same day they receive them. That doesn't really add much new information, but I feel like we're a little closer to having our delicious chocolate Nikkis.
  11. ooohhhh! thanks for that update!!!
  12. Thanks Naza!! How far is RM to Three Sirens?? LOL!
  13. Actually, I was thinking the same thing. Are we talking NY or California?
  14. I'm just wondering if it's gonna take a few days from RM to TS and then it's gonna take about a week to get to CA (everything takes a week to get to CA). I want my Choco Nikki and I want it NOW!! *stomping foot* LOL!!!!
  15. RM - NYC, Three sirens - Philly

    Only 2-3 hours apart. Two days to ship max!