chocolate MOUSSE paddycake. is here

  1. well I just picked up my mousse paddy from Fedex. I love how it looks but kinda have doubts with it on. It seems when I have my arm down it squishes the bottom down so you can see all of the metal feet. is that what is suppose to happen. also it feels so small compared to the medium pocket. here a some pics what do you guys think. NOt in :love: :sad:
  2. in most of the pics i've seen, the bag sags and the feet are visible. i think it looks great on you!
  3. Kylie - I'm sorry you aren't in love. For me, I like the way it squishes down like that. Makes it look so soft and delish! It still looks good on you. How about more pics? :nuts:
  4. I'll post more pics in a few Baleniagalove.. Gotta wait tell DH leaves.. hehee
  5. Oh, I love your Mousse Paddy! My Choco one does the same thing. I like that it does that, too. It's because the leather is so soft and slouchy. Gosh, I am so tempted to get another one but I have to restrain myself. Not in my budget right now. But that Mousse color with the silver hardware is TDF! Love it!!!:love:
  6. The bag is so PREEEEEEEEEEEETYYYYY~~~ and it looks good on you too. I can understand why it feels so small compared to the pocket, but I've carried mine for the second time today and I can put pretty much all my belongings in there. (and I have a tendency to carry around my whole entire house with me ;)) Do you really not like it that much?
  7. People definitely have size/shape/style preferences... I think it looks great but I love the satchel too....
  8. Kylie, remember that I have a blanc pocket if you end up not crazy about the mousse Paddy...we could do some sort of exchange, perhaps! I love it! Even if the shape doesn't suit me!
  9. ohhh the blanc pocket is gorgeous.. you are tempting me. I just might have to trade ya. I'm going to take some more pictures and get some more opinions and sleep on it. maybe it'll look better tommorrow.:biggrin:
  10. Feel free to PM me if mousse doesn't make you jump for joy tomorrow! Or next week. Or... LOL!
  11. more pics.. the more I wear it the more I like it, it's growing on me.. slowly:biggrin:
    DSC02000.JPG DSC02002.JPG DSC01997.JPG
  12. I like it!
  13. thanks ET;)
  14. I love your bag too. I like that colour in the satchel,whereas I don't really like it in any other style.
  15. It's beautiful! That colour & the silver hardware looks fab on you!