Chocolate Miu Miu Mania

  1. mediummiumiuchocolate.jpg
  2. As I had said, the medium was way tiny and Net-a-Porter saved the day. Here's what just arrived! :drool:


  3. More pics!

    The pic in the chair with sunlight is probably the best representation of the color. Actually, Net-a-Porter's stock shot hits it on the money.:yes:

    2008_0219Image0073.JPG 2008_0219Image0074.JPG 2008_0219Image0079.JPG 2008_0219Image0084.JPG
  4. Of course now for the $64,000 question: do I snip the security tag or be a good girl and send it back since I'm BROKE? :thinking:
  5. What a yummy color!!! The leather looks so soft!!!! Send it back?!:confused1: why????
  6. LOL!!!! You crack me up!!!! Love that bag....well...if you LOVE LOVE LOVE it...keep it...otherwise I'd send it's not worth the financial headache....gorgeous bag PP!!!!

  7. Remember this?


    Yep, I snipped Ms. Godiva too! :devil:
  8. Love it :tup:I dug out my black mini coffer today, inspired by your other thread.
  9. ROTFLMAO!! OMG, I remember that pic PP!!! How hilarious!!! You go girl! Looooovin' that color and you already know how I stand on the coffer!! Loooove it! Makes me want to eat some chocolate....I think I might!
  10. keeper for sure...:heart::tup:
  11. YAY P-Psycho! :woohoo: That's the same Coffer that I have!! know my answer!
  12. A girl's gotta have her chocolate!
  13. Lovely bag and great find. Enjoy!!! SNIP SNIP SNIP
  14. SNIP I SAY!!:yahoo:
  15. It's lovely. Keep it!