Chocolate Mini Skinny

  1. Did coach make any mini skinnies or coin purses in chocolate? Please post pics.

  2. I have a chocolate signature wristlet that I use for this purpose. Not sure if that helps you or not.
  3. I know they make the wristlets in chocolate but I wanted something to keep my change in. Thanks
  4. ok now do you want sig stripe in choco, or just choco?
  5. i have a sig stripe mini in chocolate

    it's pretty cute, and has an extra pocket on the front that i put my id and credit cards in sometimes when i'm not carrying a wallet
  6. this one
  7. it doesn't really matter if its signature or not...leather would also be fine. I just wanted to make sure that the color was chocolate since I have a chocolate carly.

  8. a gold one like mine would look great -- i use it with my chocolate bag from my signature --

  9. They make a mini skinny in chocolate sig.
  10. Yes, I have one that I got from the outlet in San Marcos.