Chocolate Matte vs Chocolate crash

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  1. ok, so I've been bouncing around this forum checking out everyone's pics...I really like the chocolate matte but have read that maybe it's not that soft. Is it? Do you have to baby it like waterproof spray it maybe?

    Is the chocolate crash a metallic or some kind of crushed patent leather? How does that hold up to everyday use?

    Any opinions are appreciated.:smile:
  2. Hi justwatchin and welcome to BE. I'm not the expert here to answer your questions, since I've never been brave enough to order the choc. crash myself, but that question has been asked quite a bit in this forum. I've debated both and though I haven't ordered anything in choc. matte either I would have had the chocolate glossy leather not been offered.

    If you do a search you will find lots of good threads on this topic.
    Here's a thread with good pics to help you out.
  3. I love this pic of Suzzeee's chocolate crash mms.

  4. Thank you, that was helpful!
  5. Chocolate Matte is yummy! You'll never see me parting with mine. :nogood:

    The Choco matte withstands the elements beautifully. I protected mine with a good leather protector initially and it wears beautifully. No special treatment required- just wear and love!

    "Crash" leather is a textured metallic that is very durable. It might seem somewhat stiff at first, but softens up beautifully with use and time.

    Both are beautiful yet very different, so it depends what look you're going for.

    Here are a couple of pics of my Choco matte LMMidi


  6. On my, I shouldn't have come back to this thread!
    That's a beautiful bag Contessa.:drool:
  7. Thanks Charmed. I really enjoy wearing this particular bag. The leather is SO soft and it smells wonderful. The name "Love Me" really suits this leather!!!
  8. Yes, your bag is beautiful Contessa! I think chocolate matte would be more to my liking. I really like that leather in the Take Me Everywhere Midi.
  9. I have owned several choco matte bags and the leather was beautiful. However, if i were to buy them again, i would choose choco crash since it is a unique leather that you cant find in other designers and very useful in bad weather conditions...
  10. Contessa, LOVE your choco matte LMM! I am so happy that I just ordered one!:yahoo:
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    Chocolate matte is my favorite matte leather from BE. I do waterproof it before I get it, but I do it with all of my bags and it holds up well. It does get a more distressed look, but scuffs clean itself up with some leather conditioner. I think this bag breaks down very nicely. Here are pictures of my chocolate matte hug me when it was fairly new. It looks smooshier now!

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  12. To be honest, although I prefer chocolate crash to choco matte, I think the crash leathers are VASTLY over-priced.

  13. That is one AMAZING bag!
  14. I have the choco matte Hold Me, and the leather is really spectacular. I really like how the choco crash looks but if I had to choose one, it would be the choco matte. It is very rich and gets nice and smooshy!
  15. This is one decision I can make!

    Matte leather wins every time!