Chocolate Matinee - I caved!

  1. I started my RM collection with the Midnight/Pewter MAB a couple weeks ago and haven't been able to put it down. This morning I decided I wanted the Chocolate Matinee after browsing every website looking at colors (and not being productive at work).

    This afternoon I noticed that had that bag marked down to $495 - and I could use the 20% discount code! So I have a Chocolate Matinee on the way! I'll have to figure out how to post pics of my growing family when it arrives.

    2 bags in one month... and now I want the Nikki. And a clutch. And a makeup bag. Maybe I'll just start with a glass of wine when I get home tonight to celebrate.
  2. Congrats! I have the same and love it. The leather is really soft :smile: Let us know when you receive it!
  3. I just got that one too, you'll love the color, it's such a soft brown, and kind of changes color in different lights. post pics!
  4. Congrats sfcitygirl! No drunk online shopping though, that's dangerous. Can't wait to see pics! Cheers!!:drinks:
  5. girl I'm with you,I purchased 3 bags in less then a month and I to want a Nikki,I also thought about the chocolate from Luna boston just because it was marked but i'm praying a wine color will appear.Enjoy your purcahse:tup:
  6. I could totally see that happening one night... getting home after a long day at work, opening a bottle of wine, turning on the computer to check email... and then having a night blue Nikki sent to me...

    *sigh* I almost can't remember what life was like before Rebecca Minkoff and tPF. I'll be checking my email all day to see if I get the shipping info!
  7. The next step is stalking the UPS guy!!
  8. Just got the tracking information. Ahhhh... the feeling of an instant gratification purchase...
  9. Congratulations!! haha, so we're gonna wake up tomorrow morning to find that you've purchased the remainder of the items on your wishlist huh??
  10. Thank goodness I'll be at the boy's house tonight with no computer access. Then busy most of the weekend. Otherwise I think a Nikki or gold bottom MAB might be next. I teach a dance class a couple days a week and am trying to justify carrying one bag as my every day purse and one for my dance stuff... Seriously, I'm obsessed! (and joining this forum is just making it worse!)

    So excited to hear that you all love the chocolate color!