Chocolate Maia $998

  1. It's already gone.....I just checked.....:sad:
  2. WOAH nelly! that was fast! it's seriously BLINK and MISS!!
  3. no kidding....oh, well....
  4. I bought one last week that popped up on the NM site.I get it tomorrow. I am surprised to see another one show up on NM. Who knows,maybe there will be more.Good price.Lets see if I love it in person.
  5. The Maia arrived in the mail today. It looks like luggage.I love large bags but I am not loving this one. It will be going back to NM.
  6. I think I just bought your return~:confused1:

    I clicked purchase before checking this forum - so it's THAT huge? I took out my tape measure and imagined the size and it didn't seem that bad - especially since I wanted something practical and professional - the price was just too good to pass up. If anything, I'll return it but I hope this works out.

    Your insight is much appreciated~!:yes: :yes:
  7. Chanelplz, you purchased yet another maia that must have popped up. Fed ex just picked my bag up on Thursday. NM is covering all shipping costs and took care of the pick up because the bag they sent me differed from the website. The detail was different on the front flap trim of the bag,the handles also went through the top of the bag not the outside. It barely fit over the shoulder and I have slim arms.Everyone who saw it felt it looked like an overnight bag or briefcase. It is not practical to get in and out of but it does look professional and classic.Good luck, maybe it will work for you.
  8. now i'm really getting worried - ugh
    i opened an NM account for this - i got free shipping so if it doesn't work out, I'll do what you did...this is not a pleasant feeling:cursing:
  9. Hmm, I wonder if it'll resurface on again. They seem to have SO many problems with online orders :yucky:
  10. Back up again at NM right now