Chocolate Lizard Paddington Nightmare!

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  1. O.k Gals! I am here at our hotel in the U.S, will be leaving shortly. Just had to post this. My husband did indeed get me the lizard paddington!...Guess what! It is so disgustingly ugly we are both shocked. I can't post it, I don't have my camera in the U.S! So Sorry! You will have to take my word for it. It is a Gold lizard bag, not chocolate washed lizard as the NM site shows. I called Neiman's and told them the picture misrepresented the bag. Neiman's top customer service immediately proposed to send FEDEX and pick up the purse free of charge, refund in 2 days. I guess it will be back on the site shortly, this really sucked!:sad: I asked him for a Birkin Instead, he said " he has work to do". Don't know what that means!:sad: See your comments tonight! I am leaving now....Madeline, Your Mother's Has got to be different than what I received!!!!Not worth $7200., ugly!
  2. Oh Star, sorry that had to happen to you and your husband! I feel so bad for BOTH of you. Hope Santa gets you the Birkin!
  3. well now you can ask for the birkin AND the anthracite paddy. lol.
  4. Sorry about your least Neiman offered to pick it up right away.
  5. Thats too bad but sounds like you had great customer service. Now you can plan the next one. Hopefully its the Birkin.
  6. What a bummer ........i know your high went a way quickly .......hope u do get the birkin
  7. I think "has work to do" means the SA is going to find you a Birkin. :nuts:
  8. Sigh, that's terrible. I have also had to get after Neiman for misrepresentations. I know you're disappointed, but A Birkin would be a silver lining indeed!

  9. OMG, I am so sorry to hear this. My mother had not ordered hers from NM's but bought it in person at Nordstrom, however it was the color that NM had posted on their site. I guess I have not ever seen the color that you got, i only thought there was my moms color adn then a silver one- but a gold? My moms is light brown - not gold. But solid gold, are you kidding me , what are they thinking posting a pic that isnt even right? That really disapoints me , shame on NM. I am sorry it wasnt what you thought it would be. If you want the brown one i am sure someone has it, and i assure you the color you wanted is pretty in person. i am trying to picture a gold one- i must look it up.
  10. That sucks. I hope you still get your birkin.
  11. oh star i am so sorry to hear that - I say ge the 'H' bag. Keep us updated on what you get :smile:
  12. eeek, horrible! at least you got a CS rep that knew what they were doing - small blessings, right? sorry it was such a disappointment - i would have been quite upset.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that but the NM rep took care of that mess pretty quickly. Don't worry, your hubbie will make it up to you. I hope you'll get the Birkin and post photos for us too!! Good luck.
  14. Hi guys....Husband wants to write first!: Offensive Paddington....really!! It looked like we skinned the lizard ourselves and then sprayed it with gold metallic moondust. Weird. I'm ahead the brownie points and still get to return the awful bag. Need to see what this Birkin is all about. Stay tuned!!

    Oh I am lucky:nuts: , did not know what he was writing!:love:

    Thanks for all your comments, understanding. Who knows if he will ever do that again really. Wasn't a bad experience cuz of NM service though. Always worth it to go through them when buying bags!....Madeline, the one they sent me looked like the handles of the picture all the way through though, so it was more golden than brown. Also, it did not even look like lizard. it was awful. The silver is stunning compared to what we received.I didn't even unzip it. It was bad:sick:

    Husband back.....oh ladies, I do have one little thing to add tonight. I am in possession of a Bag..a special bag currently and I will be giving it to my wife shortly....any guesses? Come on ...not a Birkin...but my favorite brand. Found it...freaked and stashed it for a special surprise. Now get to work....I'm getting all these kisses and have to go to work?>>>>>