Chocolate Leather Zoe or Black Leather Zoe?

Which color Zoe?

  • Chocolate Leather Large Zoe

  • Black Leather Large Zoe

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Sep 22, 2008
Hello as most of you know I returned the Magenta leather Julianne I fell in love with the leather but the straps just wasnt for me. So I am trying to decide what color in the large zoe leather to get ? black or chocolate?
are both the insides a hot pink? any pics would be awesome thanks! :wlae:


Aug 12, 2007
I voted chocolate zoe because I have a medium chocolate Zoe. It is pink inside and the leather on the outside is beautiful. I think the brass hardware looks better with the chocolate zoe than brass on black leather.
My zoe looks beautiful with the legacy scarf that ChristyLou gave me during the last roak. I would take a pic of the inside but I just got in from out of town and I am too lazy right now.
Keep us posted what you decide to get. :jammin:


Feb 24, 2006
I say both. zoe is close to carly I bought the all leather black carly (with brass I don't wear white gold just yellow so brass is perfect) anywho lol I loved the black soo much I needed a one in brown. black and brown are both perfect for fall.. Heck they are perfect all year round.. If I was pushed to pick one for fall I guess I would say brown :O)


O Holy Grail...
Jun 9, 2008
It's going to depend on your wardrobe, and what you already have in a leather bag. Both colors look scrumptious in leather on Zoe, so it's going to depend on which color you think you would get more use out of. I'm leaning towards chocolate, because that's the one I want! Good luck.