Chocolate leather - how's it wearing?


Jun 10, 2006
Way Down Yonder
I searched but didn't find anything. Please redirect me if I missed it!

The latest chocolate leather (I think most of the bags had the leopard lining, but I could be wrong) - can anyone who has a bag in this leather please tell me how it's wearing? I've looked at pics online and it looks in a few like the leather is scratched brand-new. Is it a fragile leather, one of those you're "afraid" of? Or does it handle okay?



Sep 2, 2011
Southern New Jersey
I have the cupid in Chocolate (pict below to show shade). This version of the bag was purchased in August 2011 & has the kiss lining.

This leather does scratch and show some signs of wear almost from the moment I got it, but when you apply a leather moisturizer it blends scratches right out. The distressing is also not an extreme issue, I would say it shows mild signs of wear. For some reason I feel like this pebbled leather dries out somewhat, so I would want to be applying the moisturizer occasionally it's not that big a deal for me to buff out scratches too.

Hope that helps.



Purse Fanatic!
Jun 6, 2007
I got my Chocolate Mini Mac (with leopard lining) back in November 2011. I've worn it probably 6x. Not too many times yet, but definitely enough where I'd maybe see some wear a tear and I must say, it's holding up very nicely. No scratches that I can see. It's such a lovely color.

Just fyi, mine came with a smoother front and a more grainy back, so that's not from wear.

Snapped these photos 5 minutes ago. I actually wore the bag all day and night yesterday :smile: