Chocolate leather Ergo Hobo???

  1. Maybe I missed this so correct me if this is "old news" I just put the ergo hobo style # 10740 in drilldown and a beautiful chocolate leather medium Ergo Hobo appeared!!! She's beautiful. :drool: Is this coming out in the Fall? I'm in love.
  2. Could someone post the image for me? I'm not sure how to do it.
  3. :heart:
  4. Ooo very nice!
  5. ooh, that looks yummy....
  6. oh...if you type in the style #10744 for the large ergo leather tote another new color appears...something on the lines of muted red ?? Not sure...maybe its my computer but I can't describe the color. Could someone post that pic also? Thanks..This is fun!
  7. Gorgeous!
  8. I got curious and had to see these for myself.......:drool: I'll stop shopping until these come out:
  9. Holy moly....just found more. This is different - small signature and new colors::heart::heart: I wonder if these are for fall, or outlet only items (since small sig is found at outlets more often)?? But what do I know?

  10. That Persimmon colored Hobo is gorgeous. I am so glad that I did not get the red patent ergo as i prefer this autumnal shade sho much more. Chocolate Ergo is beautiful as well. Ah well, I know what I am getting this fall season. Thanks so much for sharing the photos!
  11. Oh my, that Chocolate Hobo is HOT!!!! Kind of makes me want to wait to buy mine, but....I won't. ;)
  12. Where did you find that picture of the chocolate leather Ergo? Is it coming out in September. Really Pretty. Thanks!!!!
  13. Love the chocolate and the red color - I love this style. So light and easy to carry.
  14. Love the new colors! I'm so glad I waited on purchasing an ergo. Thanks for sharing your new finds. :tup:
  15. I saw that chocolate Ergo posted a while back and I love it. I am not buying anything until the fall collection comes out because I either want to get that or the Chocolate leather Carly (haven't seen pictures of that one, but I love the Carly).