Chocolate leather Carly..when is it coming out?

  1. Does anyone know when the new Chocolate LEATHER Carly is coming out and does anybody have pics of it they can post? I LOVE the look of the Carly....and is it coming out in both medium and large sizes? Thanks guys!!!!!
  2. August and yes to both sizes I believe! :tup:
  3. GREAT!!!! Thank you so much! Cant wait to see it!
  4. I bet it will be stunning!
  5. Me TOO!!!!!!!!
  6. Are you talking about an all-leather Carly in a chocolate brown color sizes large and medium? I can't seem to get any SA to confirm that it is coming in. If it is coming in August, why isn't it in the catalogue then? Can anyone confirm if this bag is actually going to exist?
  7. If you call 1-800 Coach they tell you that it is coming out in August. No other information at this time.
  8. I cannot WAIT to see it! The Carly is such a great shape, it's my favorite bag. I hope the trim will be black!! I like contrasting trim, like the parchment/black.

    What about a black Carly with chocolate brown trim? <sigh> :heart:
  9. Oh my...a black/brown combo Carly would make me :drool:
  10. I wish they made a red Carly too, but can't decide if the trim should be chocolate or black.... leaning toward chocolate.

    So does anyone know what the trim will be for the chocolate leather Carly?
  11. I would LOVE that bag!!!!!! and HAVE TO have it!!!!! What a great combo that would be!!

  12. The 2 Coach stores near me actually have them in already and I got to see one (gorgeous!). I was told they will be available for sale on either 7/31 or 8/1. I have my name on the list for one, the Chocolate is limited from what I understand.
  13. What color was the trim? Thanks!!! I cant wait to see it!!!!

  14. Can the SAs please chime in on this?

    I don't like the black as the leather looks like it's wrinkled, white is nice and matte finish but I would hate to babysit it, and camel is too camel, so now I am anxious about the chocolate leather?

    Can someone tell me about it or take cellphone pics if they see one in person?
  15. has anyone tried ordering this thru a friendly store?
    seeing someone posted their store already has it
    and alot of people, including myself, have been able to order stuff that isn't available till august, i wouldn't doubt if this is orderable.