Chocolate is in my town!!!!

  1. I am suppose to get my chocolate ergo hobo today...and I can't wait:yahoo:!!!!
    I put in the tracking number and it shows it is riding around in a Fed Ex truck in my town. My parents are wanting me to come over and visit today but I can't leave until I get my chocolate:yahoo:!
    I really not spoiled... I am just celebrating my Christmas Birthday miracles :rolleyes:!

  2. Congrats on you new bag! I hope you get it soon!!!
  3. Thanks...I do too...I was afraid I might not get it because of JAX being out of them...I am just happy it is on a truck somewhere in town.
  4. Track him down!!!! Those damn FedEx guys don't know what they have in those boxes. Don't they know they have to deliver Coach first?!?!
  5. i may have to rotate to my chocolate ergo this's sitting in my closet, waiting to be used...with the tags still on her! heheh
  6. Yay! :yahoo: I just logged on to message you to see if you got yours yet!!! I just got mine about an hour ago!!! :yahoo: Unfortunately mine was from eBay and said new but it is not. so I am working that out :rolleyes: but the bag is great! I like it soo much better now that I can put my stuff in it and scrunch it down.. post pics when it gets there!!!! :tup:
  7. Fields...Whats up with eBay...:confused1: will the buyer give you a discount or are you wanting to return it? I hate that the seller lied to you.:tdown: Do you like the purse anyway inspite of it being used? Post some pics and as soon as I get mine I will post.
  8. You know, I have had GREAT luck buying and selling on ebay.. but lately it seems like I am on a streak of bad luck. :tdown: I do love the bag itself.. once I put my stuff in it and scrunched it down I really like it.. it's REALLY light and cute and fun... but it is discouraging that it has clearly been used.. I emailed the seller but have not heard back yet. And I will take pics just as soon as I can, my batteries are dead in my camera. :p
  9. I had some bad luck buying on ebay wasn't a coach purse but it i have been afraid to bid on anything since. I know some on tpf have got some good deals...but I am afraid I of getting burned.
    I am happy you like your ergo.:yes: :yahoo:I am looking forward to your pics. :tup:I wish mine would get here.:crybaby:
  10. Yeah it's discouraging how one person can ruin it for everyone else :tdown: I have had 99% good luck selling as well as buying, but there are risks.. usually it turns out okay. We'll see. I can't wait til' you get yours!!!! Be sure and post pics!!!! :yahoo:
  11. I cant wait to see your pics!!!!!!!! I took mine out ALL DAY today!!!! I hope you love her!!!!
  12. Mommyville... I am justing sitting here waiting and waiting. I just know if I leave the house fedfex will oops wait its here!!!

    Be back shortly:yahoo:
  13. yay! :yahoo: pics pics pics!!!!! :nuts::nuts::drool::drool::nuts::nuts: