Chocolate heaven made of tPF love...

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  1. #1 Jul 3, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
    First there was oogiewoogie,

    and there was boxermom,

    then there came Baggiana and doloresmia....

    And after two nights and days of thinking and lots of tPF reading, I became a mom of this chocolate beauty.:heart:
    2009-06-19 ebano mini cabat resized.jpg.jpg

    I was in quest of my first cabat ever since I saw the iced tea (rame) mini cabat at the Ginza boutique in February.

    There are far too many colour choices I would have loved; rame, ottone, parma chevre, oxidized copper, and maybe reflet, but it was C_24 who made me re-realise how amazing BV's classic colours truely are.

    Of course, anyone who have talked about cabat here at the BV sub definitely helped my decision.:yes: Oh, and on top of that, this beauty came originally from bv.luxery's hands.

    So, thanks all for being there! This is truely made of tPF love!!

    Now, onto some important pics.

    2009-06-29 ebano mini cabat inside resized.jpg It carries my everyday essentials and some extra stuff with ease.

    2009-07-03 cabat-pyramid-campana1 resized.jpg Comparison - medium campana - new pyramid - mini cabat

    2009-07-03 campana in cabat resized.jpg Campana fits in mini perfectly, LOL

    2009-07-03 pyramid in cabat resized.jpg Pyramid snuggly fits in mini. (well, sort of.)

    I agree with blueiris, there is nothing mini about this cabat if you look at the size. I think the naming was to appeal the Asian, especially Japanese customers. We lurrve anything and everything tiny and cute, and mini cabat even sounds like a cute little hippo in Japanese, LOL. I'm no exception and love calling this mini cabat. Hope you don't mind, blueiris.:heart:

    It's just so perfect in every imaginable way for me; the size, the colour, the ease of use, the simplicity that brings versatility, and the incredibly beautiful workmanship. I am determined to use it without babying it, so for the first time I sprayed it. I will carry this everywhere, everyday, and forever.

    Tomas Maier is so right, "it's engineered, functional, aesthetically pleasing, beautiful inside and out - and it works."

    Thanks for letting me share!!:biggrin:
  2. OH Mid, it is the most beautiful thing!!! I love the ottone bracelet she is wearing and it's not mini at all. In fact, I think that is the size I would like best! Congrats and enjoy! Just so pretty and yummy!!
  3. Beautiful bag; Enjoy!!
  4. Your BV family is beautiful!!!
    Enjoy her, glad that she will be enjoyed and not babied!
  5.'s beautiful! I love the size! Congrats! Is this available in the US?
  6. Such a beautiful bag and beautiful color! Congratulations --you are a lucky lady!!!!
  7. It is juuuuust beautiful! What are the measurements of this mini?
  8. You can find the Mini in Hawaii only, not mainland U.S. :sad:

    It's gorgeous!!!!! Cabat rules :yahoo:. Wear in good health.
  9. So glad this beauty got a reveal of its own! I love it - and am thinking that IF I ever go for a Cabat the Mini is going to be the one for me too, it seems like the absolutely perfect size! Enjoy!!
  10. Thanks so much, kroquet, True*Fidelity, LT bag lady, lemontart, ssc0619, CaliforniaGal, boxermom, and BookerMoose!!

    kroquet, it is really a great, I mean, perfect size!

    lemontart, as boxermom said, the mini is available for the US people from Hawaii boutiques only, but you can always email or call them!

    CaliforniaGal, the approx. measurements are;
    base: 31cm x 14cm (12.25in x 5.5in)
    hight: 25cm (9.75in)
    widest top: 46cm (18in) if you put two sides flattened together
    strap drop: 16cm (6.25in)

    BookerMoose, I should add that I got this lovely too, thanks to you!!
    rugiada mini pochette - resized.JPG
  11. All your pieces are so beautiful!!
  12. Congrats Mid, the mini cabat is truly cute and gorgeous! I love all your other bags too!
  13. A true classic, Mid. It's simply perfect. Enjoy her for so many years to come! :nuts:
  14. It's absolutely lovely, Mid-! And so are your other bags. Congratulations on such a classic, will-never-go-out-of-style beauty!
  15. congrats, what color is it?