Chocolate Handbags! Yum!

  1. yummy.. i want some!

    oh so cute.. perfect for a meet & greet.. but i'm not gonna get some for our socal meet&greet.. maybe the 2nd one in november. :yes: :graucho:

    i'm sure they're very delicious as well. hehe.
  2. Ooh. I remember a site that had the cutest handbag cookies. Lemme try to dig up the link! :biggrin:
  3. Oh that is so cool! Handbag and chocolate can mix!
  4. Elenis

    They have a new picture up...but in their old pic, they had Birkins, Chanels, and LVs. It was adorable :heart:
  5. Hmm...yummy. But I think that even if I buy them I can never eat them because they are just too cute.:heart:
  6. Oh my!:love::love::love: So pretty and cute! They're too gorgeous to eat!
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