Chocolate GST at NM!

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  1. Up for grabs for anyone who may be looking

    Chocolate GST from Fall 2006 Collection for $1895

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested!:flowers:

    EDIT on the price!!! $1895!!!!

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  2. Is that the price after the increase? That is a big jump!
  3. I thought so too. Not sure- she did warn me that a lot of the bags i was interested in had gone up in price. I just emailed her back to ask about the price. Will let you know.
  4. IT'S $1895

    She realized that she sent me the wrong price. Phew. Now I might want it- before I thought, NO WAY, but now, it's looking a whole lot better:graucho:
  5. oh man, i want it so badly, but i'm on a purse BAN by DH. :sad:
  6. I'm tempted! Please get it soon so I don't get it.
  7. jag - you should SO get this one! It is lined in leather and the brown is more of a milk chocolate brown than a dark brown. Go, go, go!!
  8. Lined in leather?? Now I'm real tempted! Jaq if you don't hurry I might snatch it.
  9. What a beautiful find!
    How much will it be with the price increase?
  10. I think because it's a 2006 style the price increase won't affect it. $1850 was the price of the chocolate leather-lined GST last year (the classic caviar GSTs with fabric interior were $1650 at that time), and it sounds like NM/Chanel is going to honor it the $1850 price!
  11. i thought I saw the 1895 price for GST all this year already.
  12. 1895$ is for caviar, the leather lined as Roey said is a lambskin.
  13. Do you know if it is silver or gold hardware?

  14. Silver
  15. I wish Roey- but I can't get it. I just got into trouble:whistle:. So anyone who wants this baby, hurry while she is still there!!!!